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One of the most stylish accessories that people use are sunglasses, they come in all shapes and sizes and here in the allbranded web shop, we have choice in abundance. From square shapes retro styles to UV 400 sports sunglasses with extra dark lens, perfect for harsh weather conditions. There’s sure to be a style to suit your business aesthetic. Our express service allows us to ship these promotional products within 7 days. As well as the many styles on offer, you can also customise these by choosing your preferred colour and having your corporate logo printed either on the front or the side. There are many occasions where the promotional sunglasses can help spread awareness of your brand. These promotional accessories would be ideal as giveaways at student nights, Summer festivals and sporting events. Printed sunglasses would go particularly well with a printed hats, keeping everyones eyes on your logo as the wearer goes about their everyday lives!


One of the best promotional tools to use in the Summertime is sunglasses. With your logo or slogan printed on the side, this promotional accessory is sure to catch the eyes of all onlookers in the vicinity. Sunglasses are not just to help shield our eyes from the sun, they are an extension of our personality. Sunglasses have connotations of style and mystery to them, because you cannot see the wearers eyes, they also bring to mind glamour, from the many celebrities on film and television who have made certain styles of sunglasses so famous. Whichever style you choose; you’ll be able to find them in a multitude of colours. Printed with your business artwork, this promotional accessory will easily and effortlessly spread your marketing message.


  • A stylish accessory, these promotional sunglasses will be greatly received by all
  • A high use item, you can be sure to create many brand impressions
  • Not just for seasonal events, these promotional products can be used all year long
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour, to having your business artwork printed on the side


As stylish as they are, printed sunglasses are also a very useful product. Even in Winter the sun can be very strong, a lot of people choose to wear sunglasses all year round. The high user rate of this item means that your promotional glasses will be worn often and in doing so gain a great amount of exposure for your business. Your clients and customers will be grateful to receive such practical yet fashionable items. In a world where people are much more brand conscious, you can be sure curious bystanders will be looking at the recipient of these promotional sunglasses to see where they are from.


Promotional glasses make brilliant advertising tools, and can be utilised in a number of ways. As giveaways at exhibitions, student themed nights, or Summer festivals, these would do very well. Especially at outdoor events because this would encourage your customers to put the glasses on straight away, they will then be promoting your company from the moment they receive them! These are brilliant stand alone items but would also be great as part of gift bags, these gift bags could include other small personalised items such as promotional caps, pens, keyrings, mugs and USB drives. On our website you’ll find square shaped lenses, more oval shapes lenses and a few that lie somewhere in-between. These would also make thoughtful promotional gifts for employees, to show them how valued they are in the company. These small details will show how generous your business is.


There are many ways to customise in our web shop, from choosing the style and colour, to having your business artwork printed on the side. You can have your design printed on the front rim of these accessories, or on the temple, both are effective advertising areas. The side of the sunglasses is the most popular way to advertise and is a subtler approach than the front. Of course the final creative decision is entirely up to you! Have a look through our web site and order your promotional sunglasses today.