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What better way to prove your company as a professional and caring business than by ensuring the safety of your customers, employees and/or business partners? These have universal use during nightfall; as a fast moving society we often ignore the traffic hazards we regularly encounter. The printed reflector thus always has a place on our streets; from kindergarten children starting to learn about the road rules and how poor visibility can increase pedestrian vulnerability in particular. Our selection of promotional products offers not only a variety of shapes and colours but also low minimum order quantities and short lead times!

Living in the UK we see plenty of poor weather conditions; one of the biggest lessons you learn during your driving theory test is the braking distance is to double during wet days. This affects not only fellow drivers on the road but cyclists and pedestrians alike which means these products have high user value. Nothing will make your customers (new and existing) feel as valued and appreciated as showing that you care for them will. Professional companies look out for their customers and by giving them these useful promotional accessories, you can benefit from the reputation of a caring brand.


The use of reflective clothing dates back to the 1950s in the United States following the use of such technology as highway markings. Throughout the industrialisation the safety of civilians became a priority for authorities during the 1950s and thus the promotion of pedestrian reflectors began. Children were most commonly equipped with these devices, encouraged through campaigns to improve visibility during nightfall. This was the beginning of a continuous and repeated trend of donating such products to school and kindergarten attendees and was soon added to the traffic code in Finland due to their effectiveness in decreasing accidents.

In the 1990s the European Union adopted the Nordic standards of personal protective gear such as helmets which meant manufacturers increased its production and released large varieties. Today these accessories are most commonly used by cyclists as well as children.


A company that invests in the safety of its customers is exactly the image you would want to project to your target audience and existing customers as well as employees. There is no doubt that children have high usage when it comes to traffic accessories as they are still learning the ins and outs and have not yet developed the sensory acuteness that allow adults to confidently navigate during nightfall. For more universal products why not browse through our collections of express promotional sunglasses, keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, bags, umbrellas and printed hats!

Naturally, this product is highly visible through their ability to reflect any nearby light and exert a brightness without the use of battery powered or electric technology. By imprinting your brand logo on these lights mean that your logo will be illuminated every single time light is captured and reflected. The high visibility means that your logo will capture attention with ease, standing out as a brand particularly during the night.


  • Shapes; circle, heart
  • Colours
  • Whistle function
  • Plastic reflective strips
  • Size
  • Attachable to any vehicle and clothes
  • Promotes safety consciousness


Why not distribute these products in bulk to the local school as giveaways at the children's enrollment? By doing this you will be able to raise brand awareness and make parents/guardians of the children aware of your business and what you offer, not to mention school staff and contacts! You can be easily presenting yourself as a safety-conscious company. We have a wide range of other products available that would be perfectly suited for a safety pack, raising the awareness of your prospects whilst educating people about important safety matters.

During traffic education the teachers may very well distribute these, all customised with your company logo. It is an untapped market by most marketing agencies and allow great opportunity for recruiting customers in a space that many do not recognise as a possible market at all. It allows for a highly positive association and no doubt be products that children use regularly as a precaution. Driving schools could also be a good platform for finding customers in young people. Through targeted merchandising you can operate by supporting and motivating with promotional plastic reflectors on exam day at driving schools along with our variety of pens and bags! Perhaps it is also possible to launch giveaways for the police or promote traffic awareness by making the reflector part of your very own workwear! The possibilities, uses and effectiveness are endless.