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Keeping active is important to people now more than ever, we all count how many steps we take a day, watch what we eat, and try to do more physical activities in the week. Show your support for living a healthier lifestyle by distributing promotional sportswear. In the online shop you can choose between trousers and T-Shirts in various colours and sizes – for both men and women. In this category you’ll find tank tops, short sleeved shirts, jogger pants, as well as sweatbands and sports underwear. All of these garments can be customised by having your corporate logo printed on or embroidered into the fabric. These premium promotional products would be greatly appreciated by all. Order bespoke, stylish personalised sportswear now and make a good impression with your clientele.


  • A premium, bespoke product, your clients will be thankful to receive such useful yet stylish merchandise
  • A high use item, you can be sure these products will spread many brand impressions through regular use
  • Ideal for sporting events and as sponsored material for athletes
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style of clothing and your preferred colour, to having your corporate artwork printed or embroidered into the fabric


For companies that want to impress with promotional gifts, sportswear is the perfect choice. Whether it be a custom printed T-shirts or running leggings - people will be thankful for their stylish fitness clothing and will associate your business with positivity. This kind of promotional products would also do very well at public runs, in places like these your logo could be viewed by thousands of people, creating many potential new customers. These garments would be suitable for a wide range of different activities, such as cycling, rugby, football, tennis and much more. Of course leisurewear is not worn exclusively for exercising, a lot of people have a more causal sense of style and would wear these promotional clothing all year round, meaning even more exposure for your brand.


We not only ensure that people will be dressed well in our T-shirts and trousers, but that they are also comfortable while wearing them. A lot of our shirts are 100% cotton, ensuring maximum amount of comfort whilst exercising. These premium promotional items will be gratefully received and get a lot of use by clients, stylish sportswear always makes the workout that little bit more bearable!


Sporting events are the best place to distribute these promotional garments. Reward athletes trained in cycling, rugby and running at the finishing line with beautiful giveaways. The sportsmen and women will be happy about this small gesture and accept the clothes with gratitude. And not only that: At the next marathon, the winner might even wear a T-shirt with your design and will advertise for you. Alternatively, you could also function as a sponsor and distribute sportswear at the registration of the event. This way, you can be sure that many of the given out, promotional sports clothing items will be used at the next run! These could also be used to support local sport clubs, which will have the added benefit of making your business look generous to the local community. Give your local volleyball team promotional products in the form of printed promotional Polo Shirts . The players will be overjoyed.


Personalised sportswear from allbranded is not only stylish and nice to look at, but also has great wearing comfort and quality. Leisurewear manufactured to this high level of quality will make your clientele think positively about your business. On our website you can choose your preferred style of clothing, the colour, and the sizes. You can also choose your personalised print to ensure these promotional item meet all your requirements. Show your customers, how much they mean to you with premium promotional products and order today – you will enjoy tremendous advertising success.