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Promotional trousers offer you a unique and original branding opportunity. Set yourself apart from your competitors who are likely to be handing out classic promotional products such as pens or lanyards and grab your audience’s attention! By gifting these high quality and comfortable items, you’ll be giving them something unique and setting yourself apart from other companies. This will help your business to stay in their mind. There are many promotional trousers to choose from in the allbranded web shop, with styles to suit all. There are classic chino pants by Slazenger, track pants, women’s capris, and a variety of shorts. Once you have chosen your style of pants and preferred colour choice, your business design branded on the front through either printing or embroidery. Anyone would be thankful for such a practical and high use item.


  • A high use product, your customers will be thankful for such a practical and stylish promotional product
  • Ideal workwear, we have Teflon coated pants with padded knees for comfort, style and practicality
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and base colour, to having your corporate artwork branded on the front

    The first recorded use of trousers was in 6th century BC, and were seen on rock carving pictures. In the time of republican Rome, they were shunned and were thought of as barbaric. In colder climates, however, the use of these garments became popular to protect civilians from the cold. Nowadays, they are worn by everyone, across all different cultures. The amount of styles is huge, with varying materials and intended purposes. In the allbranded web shop, there are styles to suit all, no matter what your marketing aim, there will be a style of clothing in this category to help reach that aim.


    Many people are used to receiving custom printed T-shirts , bags, pens, and logo printed sportswear . Not many, however, receive promotional trousers. Use the unique appeal of this personalised item to your advantage. As well as gifts, these can also be used as part of employee uniforms. Having staff wear uniform helps them to feel like part of the team, and in turn makes them better workers. Much of the clothing in this category contains blends of polyester and cotton, to ensure wearing comfort for the user.


    There are as many styles of trousers as there are personalities! We stock fashionable chino pants by famous brand Slazenger, more casual capris, lightweight shorts and track pants that have breathability, perfect for exercising in. We also have workwear pants specifically designed for work, they are Teflon coated, with pockets located on the knees for you to insert knee pads for protection – these also come in workwear short styles too. Our fabrics include ring-spun cotton, lycra, yarn and polyester, some also have brushed fabric on the inside for the ultimate in comfortable wear. There is sure to be a style on our website to suit your marketing goals .


    To make these promotional clothing stand out from the competition, you should personalise them by printing your business logo on the front. Once you have chosen the style that most aligns with your brand, you can choose your preferred colour, and have your corporate design either branded or embroidered into the fabric. If you have any questions about the process or need help with design, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.