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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Personalised Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are some of the most popularly used promotional items around, they are trendy in the fashion world and eco-friendly for its re-usability. The tote enjoys popularity among lot of different demographics, so you can be sure that your personalised items will be used for many years. Also in this collection are our re-usable jute bags, woven with durable plant fibres, these are even more durable than their cotton counterparts perfect for shopping trips to carry heavy items. The large surface area on the front of these canvas bags are a brilliant location to feature your business design, as your clients walk down the street or do their weekly food shop, your branding will be seen by countless bystanders. These are truly classic promotional products and with the dozens of styles, colours and design options available, the promotional cotton bag could be the perfect ambassador for your brand.


  • A large surface area means more room for your branding, which will make your advertising campaign more impactful
  • Durable and re-usable, these bags are made from environmentally friendly materials like cotton, bamboo and jute
  • Fashionable, totes are used by all target demographics
  • Great as part of promotional gift bags filled with other personalised items


There are many kinds of cotton totes in the world, some have hilarious and witty slogans, others are simply printed with images in stand out colours, and a lot of those images are promotional ones. Easily thrown over the shoulder, this classic tool is useful for food shopping in particular because of its large capacity, the durable nature of the cotton also means users can carry heavy items without fear of breakage, like they would with the tradition plastic variety. Along with our cotton, we also stock hard-wearing jute shoppers, which are woven with plant fibres to make a canvas bag that is lightweight and completely biodegradable. These are popularly sold in supermarkets, and can also be personalised with your business design in large variety of colours. Not just for shopping, these practical and fashionable promotional bags can be used to carry school books, laptops, clothes and a whole array of other products. These cotton bags can also be folded down to be relatively compact and taken on the go, which will prove convenient for unplanned shopping trips.


The promotional cotton bag has been used as give-away gifts for customers and clients since the dawn of marketing history. They are the ideal tools to use as gifts for their practicality and high use. The practical benefits, combined with creative design, makes these humble accessories the first choice for a lot of customers and businesses alike. Let this promotional classic be the blank canvas for your creativity. There are so many ways to customise these bags to align with your corporate design. Besides the more natural cotton colour, there is also black, white, and a whole range of other brighter colours to choose from. These come with varying sizes of handles, and although most are rectangular in shape, we do have cotton duffle bag options available too with drawstring openings. There are many opportunities to involve these personalised shoppers, at the point of sale in supermarkets, book shops or in a clothing store. As an employee gift for Easter - filled with delicious sweets. There are endless marketing opportunities with the promotional cotton bag.


The environment is a growing concern, it's a global issue that will have an impact on us all. There are many ways to be more conscious of the environment, and one of the biggest ways is by being a more ethical consumer. We here at allbranded care about this issue and stock totes made from materials found naturally occurring in nature like cotton, bamboo and woven jute. These naturally sourced materials ensure your eco friendly promotional bags are not only sustainable, but durable, and re-usable, allowing your clients and business partners to use these items and display your branding for a long time. Totes are not just a fashionable accessory; they are fast becoming a symbol for someone who lives in an eco-friendly way. Show your clients how important looking after the environment is to you by choosing our printed tote bags to promote your brand.


In our online web shop there are dozens of tote styles to choose from so there is sure to be one suitable for you and your brand. Once you've chose the style of tote that most aligns with your brands aesthetic, you can choose the base colour, then you can get as creative as your heart desires! Once you have the business logo or slogan that you wish to use it can be screen printed onto the bags, we also have options of embroidery or flocking, depending on the kind of look you wish to achieve. Here at allbranded we understand the power and impact promotional products can have on the public, and we are the number one online resource for your personalised items! If you're unsure of where to start you can call our friendly team who are happy to answer any questions you might have about the design process.

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