Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Safety vests are an important part of a lot of professions, and especially useful in road transport. Without these highly reflective clothes, employees would not be seen by vehicles and therefore unsafe whilst working. For emergency services, road transport and those in construction, these promotional high visibility jackets are an essential. Show your concern for safety by gifting these promotinal work wear to work colleagues and business partners. The majority of these safety vests come in yellow or orange colours, and all have contrasting silver stripes running across. They are also all highly reflective, ensuring the wearer is seen at all times whilst working, particularly useful when working in dark environments. Have a look through the allbranded web shop and choose the right promotional products for your brand.


  • A safety essential for fire fighters, police officers and emergency services
  • Showing concern for your clients and their children’s safety will help them to remember your business fondly
  • As promotional gifts to schools and fire fighters, your business will look generous and be viewed positively by the public
  • All visibility waistcoats can be printed with your corporate logo

    For fire fighters, police officers and emergency service labours, these promotional high visibility items can be the difference between life and death. Cyclists are also commonly seen wearing this highly reflective clothing, so motorists can easily see them at night. For any professionals working at night, these jackets will be a valuable asset, and with your promotional design printed on the front, they will be keeping safe whilst promoting your brand at the same time. In these working professions it is essential that the proper safety clothing be worn to help protect life. Ensure the protection and safety of your work colleagues with these personalised jackets.


    In our online shop we offer safety vests for both adults and children, which thanks to their reflective stripes and striking colours, can be seen easily by all surrounding bystanders. In addition, you have the possibility to order vests which are ideal as a team kits. Or you can give your business partners a safety kit that includes an adults and child’s safety vest, so that they can keep their children safe too. With your business design printed on these vests, the recipients will associate your brand with safety and security. All of these vests can be printed with your logo or advertising slogan, to turn these items into personalised gifts or promotional workwear.


    Safety vests are primarily used by a variety of industries, but also by cyclists and car drivers. So you can distribute your giveaways to business contacts at car fairs and local events. Another use for these promotional high visibility jackets is for traffic wardens, who help people cross the road who would struggle to do so by themselves, such a children and the elderly. Equally the children’s vests in this category can be worn by children on school trips, to help them be seen when they cross roads. These could be distributed to schools, implementing your business into the minds of these young potential future customers. The parents of these children will be thankful, and remember your business fondly. Safety vests are also used as a professional clothing for the fire brigade and police officers. By sending promotional safety jackets to the local fire brigade, your company will be viewed well not just by the fire fighters, but by the local community.There is an abundance of workwear on the allbranded website, including customised aprons . These could be used as uniform for employees working in the restaurant industry, as well as hotels and spas.


    As well as vests, we also stock backpack covers, to ensure the wearer is seen from all angles. These would be especially good for construction workers travelling around, as well as road safety workers. Once you have chosen the most suitable safety waistcoats for you, there is the option to customise them further by having your business logo or slogan printed on the front. The design can be placed on the side, on the back, or the front for maximum effect, the choice is yours.

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