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Bottles are a modern and particularly exceptional method to bring promotional messages of your own company to the public. Whilst it has long been common for stationary or snacks to be used as giveaways, drinking bottles are now being implemented. Why? With time our society continues to move towards a health and sports driven mentality and this is reflected in consumers everyday consumption habits. At allbranded, you will receive the opportunity to brand your bottles with various visuals; promotional messages and/or your very own company logo. These make ideal promotional products due to their large surface area and potential colour contrast in comparison to smaller items such as pens. We stock various colours and sizes including 450ml and 500ml to suit your needs!

Much like the promotional coffee mugs, printed bottles turn an everyday part of life into a cool and well designed advertising opportunity. Countless times throughout the day people run over to the water cooler to top up their cups and bottles! At home, the gym or in the office. By strategically placing your logo or artwork on a high quality drinking bottle, you can benefit from loads of brand impressions at the water cooler and all around as recipients use this product time and time again through out the day!


It was in early advanced civilisations when bottles became popularised. The early versions mostly made out of tin and clay were recovered in many excavations in Egypt, East Asia as well as central European settlements of Germanic tribes. They were mostly used as containers for luxury items, like oil or perfume.

Humans, particularly traders, merchants and soldiers have long sought to transport water across distances, having initially relied upon woven materials that were neither durable or withstanding from external heat. While these met the basic requirements, its successor was the plastic bottle which was in commercial use by 1947, further universalised when high-density polyethylene was developed and introduced to the public. It’s low production cost allowed the transition to become embedded into today’s society, first taking a stronghold in sporting events and while plastic as well as aluminium packaging are rigged with health concerns, we at allbranded prioritise health and safety along with an aesthetic look and can ensure safe practice and no health downsides; Premium, extraordinary and especially health friendly varieties, which can be easily personalised and branded, are waiting to be ordered by you.


Some might doubt the advertising effect of such an everyday item like the drinking bottle, however this is exactly why it is one of the strongest promotional products today. It is recommended to consume at least 2 – 3 litres of water every day. This health requirement automatically bags high usage and visibility. This immense user value cannot be disputed and will quickly lead to a daily use of your printed bottle. Reach your target audience by using bottles as promotional items, branded with your company logo. When your recipients use these, your advertising message will stand the test of time and leave an impression from the generated colourful recall. Your brand will be present when purchasing decisions are made and the personalised bottles will promote your target group to recommend your brand to their family, friends and acquaintances and bag plenty of company interest.


  • Excellent usage and visibility
  • Large target audience
  • Used at work, home and sports events and sports activities
  • Large target reach E.g sports enthusiasts


Printed drink bottles can be used as exemplary promotional items in various ways. They can be used at conferences and company events in order to serve refreshments, which will generate awareness from its eye-catching colours and your customised design. Similarly, branded bottles can be wonderful gifts for customers, co-workers as well as business partners. You can simply fill the bottle with a luxurious beverage, and give the designer bottle, encased in a premium package, as a present at Christmas, Easter or anniversaries much like our range of keyrings, umbrellas, mugs and bags. Furthermore, you can display the branded bottles at your exhibition booth, to offer light refreshments to the visitors and as such, the hotel and food service industry will in particular gain from the promotion of such products. Personalise, for example, the bottles in your hotel lounge, in your restaurant or top up the mini bar with your branded promotional goods, which will reflect your love for detail. Even as gifts to your loyal customers these will both excel and impress as they can be used for every occasion including sports driven activities. You can even sell your own branded bottles to your hotel customers, in order to create a lasting memory of their stay in your hotel. The possibilities are endless.


Because of the their variety, bottles can be used as promotional items to address various target groups. To properly customise your bottles for all occasions, we at the allbranded offer various versions of the promotional bottle. The most important part is stability and the branded bottles being leak-proof. All our bottles are free from harmful substances and dishwasher-proof. The sealable container for the purpose of transportation and storage of beverages. While colourful plastic bottles are perfect for travel, the branded sports bottles can be, for example, attached to the bike for sports enthusiasts. We stock the Tutti-Frutti bottle, which can be personalised with a company specific print. It comes with a twist-on fruit infuser, which can infuse your beverages with a hint of lemon, orange or mint. Very simple and convenient is the Cabo water bag, which comes with a carabineer and is ideally suited for sports i.e. transportation, hiking or climbing. The light material makes the Cabo bag an ideal companion on long walks and sporty events. If you happen to be targeting commuters or office workers, we recommend browsing our selection of promotional thermal mugs! No matter who your target audience is, our range of high quality printed cups & mugs is home to a number of products that will be perfectly suited to your campaign!


  • Excellent stability and leak-proof
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Different available materials e.g. metal, plastic and glass
  • Varieties e.g. Tutti-Frutti
  • Transportable/environment/ Sports friendly versions available
  • Different sizes and colours available e.g. 450ml & 500ml


The trend towards sustainability is unmistakable, and has also reached the promotional industry. Eco-friendly ballpoint pens or bamboo lanyards are a only few of the classics. Even among personalised bottles, you can find sustainable promotional products, which are not excluded from the trend. If you want to express your environmental friendly persuasion, the drinking bottle made out of glass excel. This preserves the taste and the freshness of the beverage, is reusable, hygienic, sports friendly and totally taste free! It will maintain its look even with regular use as it is resistant against scratches on the surface and transparent unlike its aluminium counterpart which tends to be of questionable construction. Needless to say, this variant is recyclable and environmentally friendly. They can be reused more often compared to the PET bottle, which shows a long product life cycle. The use of glass bottles saves the use of raw materials and reduces the production of waste as well as harmful gases. We advise you to use personalised glass bottles as promotional products for your target groups. By doing this, you will not only benefit as a company but will also do something good for the environment.