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Offer your customers cold or warm refreshments in your promotional plastic cups. Made from durable plastic, you won’t have to worry about them falling on the floor and breaking. From promotional coffee mugs to promotional thermal mugs, we have a range of colours and styles to suit any corporation. Order online at allbranded.co.uk and your promotional cups will be with you in no time!

One of the reasons why plastic cups are so appealing and make such effective marketing merchandise is because they are reusable. Unlike paper cups, recipients can keep the product at home or in their office to be used over and over again. This means that they see your logo, artwork or contact details more often and are more likely to do business with you in the future!

Another key selling point is that custom cups are affordable. Some printed cups & mugs can be made out of expensive, strong material. They might last slightly longer but is the extra cost really worth it? Only you can decide. If you don't think it is but still want high quality, reusable promotional products, then the items in this category are definitely right for you!


Found in the home, at parties, events and festivals – plastic cups are as versatile as they are useful. Printed with your company logo, they can make a great promotional product, which can be used to advertise your company effectively, yet subtly. Cups have a larger surface area, allowing your logo to be more eye catching and stay memorable to your clients. In the allbranded shop, we can print your corporate photo, slogan, or both onto these cups to increase the awareness of your company. These mugs, given out to co-workers, business partners and customers will create new clients and strengthen your relationship with existing ones.


These low cost items are ideal for distributing at events. Used in the office, co-workers and business partners will associate these promotional cups with your company. The recognition effect is especially effective, when given away at events such as university open days, exhibitions and business meetings. This way, a positive connection between the memories of the events and your company will be made. Generally, we recommend plastic cups less for giving out to clients, and more for giveaways to the public. Available in large quantities, they are the right items to represent your brand at events. These cups are durable and made to last, making them re-usable and therefore environmentally friendly. We recommend, for example, sport clubs to use the customised protein shakers as personalised giveaways - they can be supplied to sports teams and events free of charge. These promotional cups are also perfect for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars - brand impressions are guaranteed!


  • From the protein shaker to the portable coffee cup, there are many styles to choose from
  • A good choice for sports events, restaurants and cafes
  • A wide variety of styles and colours to choose from


Festivals are not only a centre for fun and adventures but also a popular place to distribute promotional products. Lanyards attached to entrance tickets, lighters or T-Shirts designed in the festival’s logo are always in abundance. Festivals are some of the best events to feature sponsored products. Show your company in a modern light, and become part of the festival trend with sponsored promotional cups, personalised according to your company design. This will target the younger demographic in particular but promotional drink ware products are universal enough to appeal to an audience of any age.


Plastic is a popular material, as proven by the dozens of products made from plastic you will find in any household. Why? Because it is one of the most useful materials. It is light, durable, easy to clean and difficult to break. This makes it the ideal material for promotional products, a great alternative to heavy cups made of glass or ceramics. These cups are also made to last, which means your customers will continue to use your promotional drink ware for many years to come, giving your business repeat brand exposure over a long period of time.