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Promotional Reflective Lanyards

Promotional lanyards & printed keychains may very well never go out of style. Why? Because of their practical use as holders of valuables in the workplace as well as at sports events and festivals. These products however are multifunctional and also also act as fashion accessories or even souvenirs of events you want to remember in the future and we now have reflective variations! The vision is yours; you pick the brand, size and colour make the lanyard yours! This product can act as a safety measure making you visible when you’re out and about and losing them in the dark will become a fully-fledged challenge due to their eye-catching nature. With the luminescent strip you can easily prevent the loss of keys or ID badges. Whether at concerts, company events or exhibitions; your brand will only profit by taking up this opportunity. Personalise these promotional products with your logo or slogan to increase their user value. We have a greater range of customisable products that may very well suit your festival spirit including wristbands, printed keyrings and umbrellas for you to check out!


What is nowadays being celebrated as a giveaway, has its beginnings rooted in France. In the 15 hundredth century the lanyard was known as ‘laniere’ and was woven to be part of the military uniform meant to hold various weaponry for a close proximity in case of combat. In the following centuries, the lanyard has evolved to a decoration of the military uniform, which is still the case in some countries. Even in the Wild West, lanyards represented the ranks and credentials of cowboys and government officials. Similarly today they are used to represent the company according to the corporate design; a trend that started in the 70s. The breakthrough came with their usage at concerts and events, carrying IDs and backstage passes, which paved the way for them being one of the most popular promotional products today.


Reflectors reflect; it is in the name and thus enable a variety of uses. It reflects any light in proximity and incidental insolation is being reflected back to the source, regardless of the reflector’s direction. Road traffic is most certainly not new to such measures attached to bikes, reflector posts or cyclists. During times of darkness, they will increase visibility and prevent accidents not to mention our colour available schemes maximise these effects. With the safety lanyards, you will supply your target groups a little bit of light and safety at night.


  • Colours- up to five (pantone)
  • Sizes include 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Attachment clips e.g.Pull Reel, Crocodile clip etc
  • Safety clip available


A classic among the promotional products is the printed lanyards inclusive of safety features. Reflectors are being integrated into a style similarly seen in flat polyester custom printed lanyards of safety break lanyards. They run at the edge of the lanyard and glow in the dark; everything you could possibly want out of a promotional product. Having excellent price-performance ratio, frequent user value and an eye-catching advertising space make sure our range impress not only as giveaways, but also as promotional gifts, all while increasing brand awareness and strengthen the relationship with your customers. Enlighten every day with printed reflective lanyards.


Our lanyards distinguish themselves as promotional giveaways like logo printed lighters and ballpoint pens because they don’t change commonly change ownership. They are the carriers of important items that are easily misplaced i.e. Keys, entry tickets or business cards. Worn around your neck, or hanging out of your trouser pockets, woven from polyester the advertising messages are very visible with the range of colours and features alike and score points with their great mobility. The lanyard is a mobile illuminated advertisement. In connection with their high user value and longevity, this promotional item belongs to the most convenient of products, as its wearer automatically becomes a brand ambassador due to its branding. Our range of keyrings, wristbands, mugs, pens and umbrella will also enable you to extend your reach to new target audiences.


  • Acts as a safety measure particularly during nightfall
  • Holds numerous essentials securely
  • Easily detectable
  • Multi-usage in terms of social gatherings and corporate events
  • Allows greater mobility for user


Reflective lanyards have a variety of possible uses, whether at concerts, company events or exhibitions. If you are an event organiser you are in luck! How about distributing your tickets with these unique holders to event attendees, all of which have your corporate logo imprinted. You could even sponsor lanyards for exhibitions and other events or give them out as an add on for gift sets much like our collection of customisable mugs, umbrellas and bags!


With the lanyards as promotional products, you will choose immeasurable freedom concerning your vision; this is true in terms of design, colour, type of clips and slogans. This way, the lanyard can be personalised with the help of the 1-6 coloured silkscreen print. Prefer to make it all about the logo for maximum visual impression? No problem! Leave out text entirely and make it all about the imagery whether you choose the 15mm or 20mm options, you will be sure to hold attention.