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Satin Printed Lanyards

Hour long searches for the keys at the door or before going out – who is not familiar with these scenarios? If the keys are not found immediately many of us go into panic mode. Important things like these are not allowed to get lost. This is why the satin lanyard from the allbranded online shop is the ideal companion and assistant in emergency situations. Whether keys, IDs or entry tickets, with these lanyards, everything will stay at the right place. Give this useful giveaway as a gift for special occasions. These can involve exhibitions or company events. Shine with a personalised design, with the help of allbranded.

The luxury satin lanyard at all branded

If that is not an eye-catcher, then we don’t know. Lanyards are very eye-catching promotional giveaways. They are not only visible at exhibitions but also at concerts where they can be seen hanging out the pocket of a concert user or at events where a business partner might use them. This way, the advertisements of this item are becoming more and more authentic. Wearers of these luxury lanyards give your brand a face. Because the wearer decides to wear the satin lanyard and be a brand ambassador for your brand, him or herself, the advertising of your brand seems more real. Brand impressions are being generated and the environment is going to notice these promotional lanyards very fast. The eye-catching promotional message will be remembered by the target group immediately, which will not only reach the wearer, such as your customers, business partners or co-workers, of the lanyard, but also other segments which otherwise would not be exposed to the brand. With promotional items, you are picking marketing tools witch the highest reach possible. It is even better than the reach of TV commercials, radio or billboards and also makes for a long lasting effect. The personalised promotional lanyards are being used very often and much longer than a year, and can multiply your brand awareness without you having to make an active effort. The promotional lanyards will establish a memory about your company, are also going to increase brand awareness significantly and be at the same time a useful and premium promotional product. By giving out small gifts like these, you will strengthen the relationship to your business environment, which at the end decides the success of your business: Impress customers, co-workers and business partners with the satin lanyard and other promotional gifts.

Satin lanyards as promotional products

Satin printed lanyards often cause excitement. As one of the most ordered promotional product, lanyards have a cult status. This was not always the case. Only since the 70s, the golden age of concerts, promotional lanyards have won great popularity. Even today, they are still being used at music festivals for backstage passes and tickets. The origin of the lanyards can be traced back to 15th century France. There the lanyards were called ‘laniere’ and were being used to carry weapons such as guns, arrows and swords and were part of the military uniform. In the Wild West they were used to display the rank and the credentials of cowboys or government officials, with the help of various different colours. Lanyards according to corporate design were not thought of back then. However, nowadays, satin lanyards are very popular as promotional products.

Satin lanyards speak for your company

The potential uses for personalised satin lanyards are very versatile. In general lanyards are always good as giveaways at exhibitions and public events. They are low cost, and can be used by all target groups. Moreover, these satin printed lanyards are very enticing and will lure customers to your booth. Being an eye-catching brand with low cost lanyards is no problem. At the same time these giveaways look very premium because of their shine. We recommend lanyards for your co-workers as well. This way, the office key can never get lost. Give the small promotional gifts as a welcome gift to new employees and interns. They can also be used as add-ons to gift sets and promotional sets. The satin lanyards can be used by locksmiths to give out to customers, of course designed according to their corporate design. Real estate managers can present their objects with personalised lanyards and give them a unique look.

Satin as a basis of your promotional products

Maybe you ask yourself why you should use the satin lanyards as promotional products, as all lanyards are popular promotional products. With satin as the basis of your lanyard, you choose a fabric, which is being associated with the connection of the world. It is very shiny and has a smooth upper side. Our chosen thread is a light and shiny basis for these eye-catching promotional lanyards. As fabric, satin is very festive and shows a very high quality design. For this reason, we call it the satin lanyard also the luxury lanyard. Compared to other personalisable printed lanyards this lanyard has a premium look. The smooth fabric scores points with being tear proof, eye-catching and long lasting. Moreover, satin lanyards have another special characteristic: Because the satin lanyard is being stitched onto a polyester lanyard, you can have the possibility of a two coloured lanyard.

Personalised look: Personalisation according to corporate design

Uniqueness is very crucial when it comes to the advertising effect. The satin lanyards from the allbranded online shop can be designed according to your corporate design. With out pantone colour matching assistant, you can choose every colour possibility and colouring according to the corporate design is going to be very easy. We at allbranded personalise your lanyards with the 1-6 colour silkscreen print. The delivery times are approximately 2 weeks.