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Screen Printed Lanyards

Use the premium promotional products for your target groups! Whether they are co-workers, customers or business partners, every target group will be happy to receive the promotional lanyard. The best part of printed lanyards: Thanks to the dye sublimation print, pictures and logos can be printed in the highest quality possible. The attention to detail and the shiny surface of the lanyard, distinguishes it from other lanyards. Give away printed lanyards at exhibitions, internal events or events for your customers. Lanyards can carry ID cards, keys or USB sticks and are a useful, everyday item for your target group, which will make them remember your company. Personalise and order now!

Detail oriented promotional product: The screen-printed lanyards

Someone who believes, that screen-printed lanyards were only invented in the wild seventies, to be used as promotional items or to carry items at concerts and music festivals, is wrong. In fact, lanyards have been very popular since the 15th century, however not to carry tickets or keys. In France, they were known under the word ‘laniere’ and were part of the military uniform. The early form of the lanyards was meant to carry swords, guns or arrows, keep them tight to the body in situations of combat and to ensure high mobility in battles. Furthermore, weapons were secured with the lanyards and could not be lost during battle. Nowadays, promotional lanyards are still a decorative part of some countries’ military uniforms. A different use for lanyards could also be found in the Wild West. There, lanyards could be found in various different patterns and colours, which were meant to indicate the credentials and the rank of government officials or cowboys. Meanwhile, next to T-Shirts, bags and calendars, screen print lanyards count to the most popular promotional products.

Qualities of screen-printed lanyards

Screen-printed lanyards differ a little bit from other personalisable lanyards. As their name implies, these promotional lanyards can be printed with photo pictures and graphics. The special thing about this method is the dye sublimation print. Here, the dye is not only printed onto the lanyard, but is actually being transferred onto the material, with the help of very high heat. This method enables detailed and elaborate high-quality images. Moreover, screen-printing is a very eco-friendly method used for decorating promotional lanyards. The screen-printed lanyard is a very high-quality, promotional product. Similar to the satin lanyard, it is very soft and slightly shiny. These qualities, lead to a maximum wearing comfort and a very sophisticated look.

Advertising effect with screen-printed lanyards

With their premium appearance, screen-printed lanyards are very popular as promotional giveaways. Their user value as carriers of keys, USB-Sticks or tickets is very high and leads to increased daily use. If the lanyard is personalised with your logo, slogan or picture, the target group will get into contact with your brand every day. This way, a high amount of brand awareness and brand recognition is being generated and your company name will be remembered by existing or potential, new customers. Moreover, these kinds of giveaways have a high effect when it comes to being in a good light with customers and business partners, as promotional lanyards develop the brand image in a positive way.

Personalisation of screen-printed lanyards at all branded

For us at allbranded, personalisation is a process, which is crucial for successful promotional products. The decoration with your logo, slogan or image with the help of the dye sublimation method, gives your promotional lanyards a unique look, which points towards your company and increases brand recall. The friendly allbranded customer service, will gladly advice you on matters regarding the choice of your lanyards. Not only is the colour and design an important part, but also the width (10, 15, 20, 25 mm) and an integrated clip cannot be neglected.