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Tubular Lanyards

Who is not familiar with the following: The key or the ID card have been lost in the depths of our backpacks and are everything but close at hand. You can make a change to this and design your own tubular lanyards at allbranded. You can personalise them by printing a logo, slogan or a general marketing message onto the lanyards. Promotional products at allbranded are not only very useful, but they are also well received with customers, which can make your next marketing campaign to a big success.

Promotional classics: Personalised tubular lanyards

We love our tubular lanyards. As promotional products, this sub-category of lanyards is especially successful, as it is an everyday item, like no other. Forgotten keys or lost tickets are things of the past when you involve the tubular lanyards. Personalised according to your corporate design, this promotional product can have great effectiveness for your company, its image and its relationships in the business environment. As one of the most popular giveaways in Britain, the tubular lanyards are being used to increase brand awareness as well as improve business relationships. Used in the right way, the tubular lanyards can generate many brand impressions for you. Every instance of eye contact with your brand, will lead to memorising the brand and what was advertised. Because of the high user value of the tubular lanyard, this giveaway receives a special position in everyday life – whether you will give the tubular printed lanyards to customers, co-workers or business partners, the tubular lanyards will make you and your company memorisable and stuck in the target group’s head as well as generate brand recognition within the recipient’s environment. With the help of the tubular lanyards, you will not only be present during buying decisions but also attract the attention of the public. The most crucial thing in doing so is: the target group is wearing the tubular lanyards consciously. The advertisements on the lanyards seem therefore more authentic. Wearers of the personalised tubular lanyards become the face of your brand. Order printed lanyards to receive brand ambassadors with a great reach.

Lanyards with an interesting background

Nowadays, tubular lanyards count not only to one of the oldest promotional products, which can increase your brand’s prominence, perceivability and the extent of being memorised but are at the same time a fashionable accessory, which is unrivalled by anything. Printed lanyards have not been discovered as promotional products but have already been used in the 15th century. Known in France as ‘laniere’ the lanyards were part of the military uniform. Close to the uniform, they were used to carry swords, guns and arrows. Even today, lanyards are still part of some military uniform, even if only for decorative reasons. The lanyards were also part of the uniform of government officials and cowboys in the Wild West, however for reasons of rank and credentials. Not only were the lanyards used to carry important items back then, but were already a space for expressive information.

Possible uses for the personalised tubular lanyards

Printed Lanyards can be personalised and used in many different ways. We recommend using the inexpensive, personalised tubular lanyards at exhibitions and events. Distribute the lanyards at your exhibition booth, to attract attention towards your brand. You can also add the lanyards as a little extra to informational materials or give out at your events. Happy to receive the lanyards, will also be your co-workers. Give the office keys out with personalised lanyards and let the lanyards be an effective part of the office uniform. Tubular lanyards belong more to the category of giveaways. As promotional gifts to special occasions, such as Christmas or anniversaries, these lanyards should always be paired with other merchandise. This way, you can include an engraved USB stick to the lanyard or a suitable phone case with a lanyard attachment. Customers, co-workers and business partners are definitely going to find a suitable way to use the lanyards for themselves and will always remember your company when they do. Being recommended to acquaintances is going to come naturally.

Personalise tubular lanyards with all branded

Tubular lanyards offer a very enticing space to advertise. The benefit is, that both sides can be printed on, which makes it possible to fit any promotional message onto the lanyard, without it looking to overloaded with advertisements. The tubular printed lanyards are not very suitable for logo prints or advertisements, which include pictures. Instead of this, we recommend you writings, links to your websites or slogans. Profit from this fact and choose the most suitable promotional product for your marketing campaign at the allbranded online shop. Naturally, our tubular lanyards can be found in various different forms, colours and decorating methods. With a length of 90 cm and a width of 10 – 20 mm, these slim lanyards are one of the best choices at allbranded. The colour of the lanyards can be chosen as required and this way, create a lanyard according to your corporate design. Discover the full service of allbranded and take a look at our other categories.