Due to the Chinese New Year, the delivery for lanyards may be delayed ▷ Express lanyards will be delivered as per usual ▷ The Allbranded Team
Due to the Chinese New Year, the delivery for lanyards may be delayed ▷ Express lanyards will be delivered as per usual ▷ The Allbranded Team

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The History of Lighters

It was 3.4 million years ago that humans turned to fire for survival, with the use of Stone Age flint tools. Although initially fire was seldom relied upon and commonly feared, humanity was able to not only exercise the element in their favour but control it as well.

Contrary to popular belief, the lighter is in fact a predecessor of the matchstick; as early as 1823, small devices were created to conceive flame. A German chemist by the name of Doebereiner being accredited with the innovation. It wasn't until 1826 that a man names John Walked invented the first match.

Personalised Lighters

Lighters are an every household essential that is part of our routine, and so could be your logo. From lighting candles, cigarettes or fireplaces, the regular use makes it a great promotional product as it ensures regular contact and visibility.

Allbranded offers a large variety of products that can be personalised with everything you want; from corporate logos or slogans to website links and addresses. Lighters are deemed a classic promotional product due to their high practical value in everyday use as well as their inexpensive nature. Personalised lighters are used by marketing professionals in a variety of ways; as giveaways, at trade fairs and events, as an incentives, souvenirs or merchandise.

Who does not carry one of these useful enablers? Through a daily use, these customised items will make sure that your business is present in your customer's’ day to day lives. Promote and distribute the printed lighter at big events, exhibitions, shops or company gatherings and increase the chance of being memorised.

A special eye-catcher: why not sweeten the deal by creating nice corporate gifts with our bestsellers - water bottles, bags, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards and pens to make the perfect gift hamper.

Advantages of Personalised Lighters

We believe you should consider this promotional product has the for the following reason:

  • Won't end up in a dusty corner
  • Commonly used product
  • Versatile use (home and work)
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick and easy customisation

Customised for Every Occasion

Branded lighters have been used as giveaways for many decades. They are characterised by their longevity, various shapes and ability to be branded with absolutely everything as well as a high user value at low costs.

Next to disposable and electro versions, you can also find refillable lighters in the online shop, which can be customised with a logo, slogan or image. These promotional items can make for a strong reach, as they are often passed from hand to hand along with the printed information.

Whether you're planning on giving them as part of a hamper, at a giveaway or a company event, be sure every single one of the recipients will appreciate it.

The Branding Process

Depending on their material, you can personalise these and other smoking accessories through various techniques. Next to pad and silkscreen printing, you can also choose a premium engraving on metal versions. We recommend, that you design your printed products according to your corporate design, to make the company logo more memorable to the customers.

All you need to do is choose the right design, the colours and quantity you want and upload your logo at the checkout. Once we have received your payment, we will start production. It's that easy!