Special Branded Ballpoint Pens

Are you searching at the moment for original promotional products for your clients or business partners? Then you have come to the right people. In allbranded’s online shop you have the possibility to print premium and elegant ballpoint pens according to your personal preferences and in many different varieties. Our special branded ballpoint pens can easily be used as giveaways at events and leave a lasting impression. So if you are dipping your toes into the world of branded merchandise, we highly recommend starting with promotional pens & Pencils!


Promotional ballpoint pens are the most popular item, this popularity far outweighs that of bags, calendars and T-Shirts. They are used by everyone, young and old, at the workplace and at home, making them the ideal tool to promote your brand. With 5,615 brand impressions within a pens life cycle, and how frequently pens are used, people will constantly be exposed to your brand in their daily lives, and brand impressions increase brand awareness. Internationally, ballpoint pens are ranked first place within the promotional products world, showing their advertising success is universal. The specialised ballpoint pens at allbranded are a complete departure from the simple promotional pen. Look through our web shop to view the variety of special pens we have to offer and see what kind of imaginative and creative items you will discover.


The variety of our specialised ballpoint pens is huge. The advertising effect and usefulness of the traditional promotional pen can be vastly improved through special functions. In the allbranded range you can find ballpoint pens with integrated highlighters which can be perfect for your co-workers at an upcoming meeting. With the specialised multi-coloured ballpoint pen you have multiple colours, all conveniently housed within a single pen. There are also pens with laser pointers, USB attachments, logo printed stylus pens, screen cleaners, magnifiers, pocket knives and even promotional highlighters! Promotional pens with these additional features will be used much more frequently, increasing the amount of exposure for your brand. Your target groups can use the ballpoint pens at work, in university or at home and every time they look at your logo emblazoned on that pen they will remember your company.


Ballpoint pens are suitable for various different advertising purposes. Low cost varieties can be used as giveaways at exhibitions and events. Brand products like Waterman or Prodir pens, as well as metal ballpoint pens are most suitable as gifts for your target groups, on birthdays or seasonal occasions like Easter and Christmas. Due to their great price range, specialised ballpoint pens are, depending on their integrated specialised function, suited for many different occasions. It is also possible to give away these items to participants of conferences, which will equip the receiver with an amazing 2-in-1 product. As a premium gift, which can be an expression of appreciation, we recommend the exclusive fountain pens from Waterman, which are very rare in terms of their high quality and first-class workmanship. As an electronics shop you could include a touch pen or stylus with the purchase of every tablet, or if you are a bookshop, you could include these exceptional items with the purchase of every e-reader or notebook. Small gifts can make big impressions, and help the customer think positively about your brand. Our friendly team are ready to answer any queries you may have about specialised ballpoint pens for your company, so you can create your own specialised pens to draw maximum attention towards your business.


Especially in business the pens that we carry, use and hand to people say a lot about us as an individual and as a company. You would not hand a customer a tattered old invoice or receipt. Nor would you give them a bland and boring product when they do business with you. So why would you ever want to give them a standard, unoriginal pen when signing a contract or interacting with them? By handing over a high quality and specialised pen you are essentially telling people that you are a brand of quality. That you put a lot of effort into your brand image and that you deliver excellence. Who would have thought that something so small could say so much? We at allbranded know this to be true. Branding is all about consistency and that means using quality products at every step of your sales process. From the time the customer visits your website, orders a product or gets handed some of your merchandise. Get your unique and original pen printed now with the help of the allbranded online shop and/or our dedicated sales specialists!

Specialised pens can be unique to the business that you operate in also! Find yourself holding a lot of presentations, seminars and conferences? Pick up your logo printed pens with a laser pointer attached to add an extra layer of professionalism! In the business of technology and innovation? Nothing is more in keeping with your brand than the printed USB pen! You work in the finance world? Nothing screams sophistication and expertise more than a elegant and beautifully designed customised fountain pen. As you can see, at allbranded you will find a pen to suit your exact business with a wide range of customisation options available to suit your goals and objectives.


Specialised ballpoint pens are very noticeable; however, do not point necessarily to your brand. This is why we at allbranded emphasise the importance on personalising the promotional item. These pens, based on your corporate design, in your company colours and with a firm-specific promotional message, will quickly and easily generate increased brand recognition and awareness for your company. With allbranded, you’re choosing a trusted and reliable partner with an eye for detail. Share your ideas with us and we will take care of the design, manufacturing and delivery of your specialised branded ballpoint pens.

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