EGM - Cufflinks & Pins

News 12. December 2017

We recently worked with a premium Cuban cigar brand to make some top quality merchandise. The guys at EGM Cigars wanted a number of printed pins and cufflinks to match their high quality products and that is what they got!

EGM Cigars - The Finest Cuban Cigars EGM Cigars - The Finest Cuban Cigars

To mark the launch of their new online store, our friends over at EGM Cuban Cigars got in touch looking to have some beautifully timeless pins and cufflinks put together. The brief was simple, create something that mirrored EGM’s tireless pursuit of elegance and refined class. Well ladies and gents we think we pulled it off!

The guys at EGM Cigars stressed the need to keep ergonomically pleasing shapes and features in mind. A metal cufflink works perfectly for what they’re after, the simplicity of EGM’s design also lends itself to the shape and style of the cufflinks and pins we chose to brand.

EGM Cuban CIgars - Pins EGM Cuban Cigars

Keen to learn a little more about the work done by EGM Cigars and their fantastic online store? Please follow the link here.

Have you considered something similar to these for your business? Looking into the new year we expect a noticeable rise in the popularity of these items within the world of promo merchandise. Pins and badges are great to hand out to management, delegates or even event attendees. We’re seeing a shift towards bespoke made event pins/badges for visitors rather than the glaringly obvious and perhaps a little cliché PVC visitor badges – a great idea, especially if it’s a high-end event.

Cufflinks are perfect for awards and prizes. Whether it be for target-hitting employees or long-service members of staff.

Hopefully this off the cuff post has helped you to pin down exactly where you’d like your business to be and how best allbranded can help you get there!