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Getting enough fluids during the day is vital to keeping our bodies running in top condition. We are made of 70% water after all! So it’s important to keep hydrated. Giving out promotional drinks will not just satisfy the thirst of your customers but also help them to remember your brand. There is a lot of variety in this range, with drinks to suit all palettes. A lot of these also come in decorative presentation boxes, to make these promotional products even more special. These make excellent stand alone products, but would be even more effective as part of gift bags. These could include other personalised items such as sweets and mugs. All types of drinks can be printed with your corporate design, to create a long lasting advertising effect.

Promotional food products are a great way to keep existing customers loyal, stop new potential clients to talk about your business and to thank employees for all of their hard work. Also, if you are planning an event! What could look better than high quality beverages printed with your logo. Attendees will appreciate your branding as they enjoy a nice cold drink whilst talking business.


  • High use items, in the UK people enjoy hot drinks many times throughout the day.
  • A wide target demographic, these branded items can be enjoyed by all.
  • The warmth and comfort people associate with tea will be attributed to your brand.
  • Many ways to customise, we can engrave or print your corporate design.


There are many opportunities to distribute promotional drinks, on the table at your booth of the exhibition, customers will be much more inclined to approach if there is a jug of cool, refreshing iced tea waiting for them, or hot if it is a cold day. Collectively, tea is a favourite pastime of the UK, and is enjoyed by almost everyone. This brings people together, encourages us to socialise and to relax. Your brand will be associated with the warmth and relaxation that is achieved through enjoying hot drinks. These promotional items can also be given out to business partners and work colleagues, to show appreciation. This will strengthen their view of the business and radiate positivity.


We stock pyramid shaped tea bags, which have been proven to help the steeping process compared to oval shaped bags. These come either in metal tins, or wooden boxes. There is also a choice of flavours, from the classic earl grey, to orange passionfruit, there will be a flavour to suit every taste. We also have some packaged in handmade, sustainable bamboo tubes. This is the ideal choice for those companies who want to fly their eco-friendly flag. allbranded is your competent partner for the promotional items. In our online shop you can choose between different flavours, and also have your corporate logo printed on the front. Also we offer a variety of wines for customisation, so you can give to your employees, for example, as a Christmas bonus presents and your business partners for special occasions as a sincere thank you.


Your promotional drinks could be sitting in the homes of your customers, next to their personalised cup. As they enjoy this hot beverage with friends and family, they will be faced with your logo. We also stock tea strainers, so should you choose the loose leaf variety, these can also be ordered alongside them. Some of our sets also come with glasses, which making them an elegant choice for clients, business partners and customers alike. Have a big event coming up? Impress everyone attending with logo printed beverages and promotional sweets! We also stock a wide range of classic event items such as tote bags and lanyards. So no matter what event promotional products you are after, we can help.

Make Your Corporate Gifts Extra Special

You can make your corporate giveaways that much more unique and special by partnering two of the most sophisticated of products, printed wine boxes and promotional chocolate! These two treats enhance the power of your promotional campaign and go ever so well together.


There is a variety of ways to make these promotional items align with your brand, you can have your company name engraved into the wooden gift boxes, or printed onto the metal tins. allbranded is your reliable and competent partner for refreshing giveaways. Call us to enquire about these promotional beverages. Together we will find the right advertising items to fit your marketing campaign. If you need any help with the design process, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call, we’re happy to help!

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