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One of the most comforting things we like to do for ourselves is to sit down at the end of the day with a hot beverage. Tea is a popular choice for many; its calming and soothing effect can be enjoyed at any time during the day or at night. Particularly in the morning, it can be just the pick me up needed to make a positive start to the day! In the allbranded web shop, we have a wide selection available to use as advertising products. These can be given alone or as part of gift sets with our sweets or mugs. All can be personalised by having your corporate logo printed on the front. These can be given out at a variety of occasions, at events and exhibitions, or to hard working employees to show your appreciation. Distribute these promotional products and watch as your business expands.


  • A high use item, as people tend to have multiple hot beverages throughout the day, many brand impressions will be made
  • Excellent stand alone products, but even more impactful as part of gift bags
  • A large and wide target demographic, this can be distributed to all
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the flavour and colour preference, to having your logo branded on the front


Having a brew is not just a way to quench thirst; in the UK particularly it is an event! Many big moments and small occur with a mug in hand. When we are upset, we offer this beverage when we are happy, we offer it when we are bored, or hungry, or any other emotion at all! We drink this beverage because it is so enjoyable, that we just want to be sipping it all day long! Some Britons drink as much as 8 cups of the stuff a day, it is a large part of our culture and it also helps us to socialise. A catch-up with friends and loved ones would not be quite the same without a hot beverage, so distribute promotional tea and see how many positive associations start to be attributed to your brand.


As a much loved and heavily used item, these can be given out a large variety of places, to any and all demographics. Especially at events and exhibitions, you could set up a kettle and some branded mugs at your booth to offer it to people passing by. People are much more inclined to approach your booth if they are guaranteed a nice, relaxing hot beverage! This will give your business the look of warmth, comfort and approachability, which in turn will entice more people over to your booth and help them to remember your brand. These make excellent stand alone items, but they can be made even more effective by using them as part of gift bags. These could include some of our sweets, chocolates, or coffee mugs, to help your customers relax at home and in the office. Appeal to one of the UK's favourite past times by giving out promotional teas.


There is a huge amount of flavours to choose from, so there is sure to be one to suit you and your business. There is a black tea, herbal, and fruit variety. We have tin sets that come with earl grey, blueberry, orange passion fruit and green jasmine. There are also larger sets with up to 90 items, these come in decorative wooden boxes, and there is the option to have your corporate design engraved, to make it an even more special item. We also have promotional drinks available in gift boxes made from sustainable bamboo, to show your customers how important looking after the environment is to your brand. These boxes contain Sri Lankan loose leaf tea, which can be enjoyed by using our strainer. This is used by trapping the loose leaves into the strainer and allowing it to sit in the boiled water, the leaves infuse into the water. There are also sets that come with bergamot oil infused teas and sophisticated glasses. Looking for something a bit more fancy? See our selection of promotional wine boxes and get a promotional product guaranteed to make your business look kind, generous and sophisticated.


A Chinese proverb says that a day without tea is a day without joy. In the allbranded web shop there is a wide variety of teas available, and all can be personalised further by having your corporate logo branded on the front. Give your clients and business partners the gift of relaxation and serenity by giving them this personalised beverage. If you are unsure of where to begin, or have any questions about the design process, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Alternatively, you could open the live chat function at the bottom of the page.