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Fermented juice from berries does not at first sound like a beverage, but it is in fact the basis for one of our most exclusive drinks to date: Wine. In no restaurant or at any party is drink ever being given a miss. But not only its flavour and exclusivity are particular for the wine, it is also a great welcome gift! In the shop of allbranded you have the possibility to personalise wines in your company look and thus not only bring joy to your target group, but also maintain the image and reputation. You can now create wine with your look, slogan and logo, much like our promotional bags, keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, bags, usb-sticks and drinkware. So make use of these exclusive accessories of colour and find just how effective marketing can be!

The wine industry is a humongous one and this is not without reason. The history expands across geography and wine and thus holds a constant stream of past civilisations. With its long-reach into the past, not to mention elegance as well as universal use by many target populations; these make incredibly high value promotional products. The association made with your own corporate logo reference to an incredible tasting beverage is irreplaceable and be sure to stick for the long term!


It was already in 4100 B.C where the oldest winery was found in ancient Armenia. In Egypt, wine was made using red grapes and consistently used during ceremonies. When Ancient Egypt collided with Jews and Phoenicians, the cultivation of wine began. The Romans made steps to classify many varieties of grapes. Soon thereafter these civilisations began to trade wine including the Middle East. It was during their trading that they also brought with them wine and thus spread the beverage across the regions.


Wines are an integral part of all celebration. Speaking of Champagne, as a kind of sparkling wine, it gets almost institutional status in the case of classical and new year celebrations. Very long wearing ones have a high value in traditions, for they are symbol of many religions and mythologies. Also from a historical point of view wine represents festivity. No wonder that wine is also traded as a high value promotional drink . So be it casual events or seasonal celebrations, as well as business events and birthdays, you can distribute branded wine to your target group with the knowledge that your brand is next to a high-quality item. This gift has a special value and also adapts to any occasion. As a company you present yourself in a particularly elegant shine, whenever your customers, employees and business partners receive an advertising gift of this value.


  • Exclusive gift
  • High visibility
  • High quality
  • Unique and original promotional product
  • Longevity effect


When advertising in the form of a present is received, these give rise to appreciation and loyalty within potential customers due to the mere exclusivity that these products bring. Customers, employees and business partners will enjoy the wine bottles branded in your company look and vision, whether at a particularly delicious dinner or a great celebration; events that allow for great visual contacts. You will be connected with a positive memory and rise in the eyes of your target groups, a feat which will also be enabled by promotional tea , keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, bags, usb-sticks and drinkware.

If the recipients keep the bottles or the products were kept for a longer period of time, your customers will unconsciously build a reminder of your brand. But this individualised advertising material is not only fit as a gift for customers or employees. They are also recommended for catering and hotels that are able to offer their own variety. Advertising Products strengthen your the collective company image both internally and externally and can be a sign of your diligence and attention to detail.


In allbranded online store you will find a wide range of varieties of wines that can be individualised freely according to your corporate design. Here you have the choice between single branded bottles of wine and creative gift sets in which these are combined with other presents. With this original gift, you allow for a personal touch with your logo, slogan or advertising message which can be printed on the gift boxes or labels and so will always be remembered in reference to your company.