Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.


Chocolate enjoys next to the Weingummi a special relevance in the most popular sweet dishes of the Britishs. In our online shop you have among other things the choice between classic chocolate bars, filled biscuits and mini formats of well-known brand manufacturers as Ferrero, Lindt & Griesson. Also, seasonal Products are very much in demand as an advertising items, and in particular the advent calendar, Christmas Santas or Easter Eggs made from exquisite milk chocolate. Since a timely planning and purchase of these products is advisable, we offer you a personal consultation by telephone, e-mail or chat window. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Chocolate - Irresistibly good

No one can resist them, and some are even addicted to them and fall for comsumtion almost in ecstasy - Chocolate makes you happy. Whether for a small sncak between meals or in front of the TV, the sweet treats are consumed daily and are therefore excellent advertising media for your brand or slogan. As interested in the fact that per year 32 kilograms of confectionery per person. Be it Ferrero Kiss, Mon Cheri, Prince rolls or Hanuta - the pleasure highlights can be printed with your company logo and support your advertising campaign. Releasing the happiness hormones with promotional Products, you are certainly on the right side.

More than a stimulant

Many call chocolate as a luxury, we at allbranded entitle it rather as a happiness maker. The extremely popular milk chocolate is found in every use and is the ideal bite for boring lectures at the University or the sweet tooth at work. As giveaway on exhibitions, concerts, anniversary celebrations and other events it can be used to reach your target groups in no time at all. Printed with your company logo or brand claim our chocolate is the advertising media for customers with taste. Place thanks to the sweetest temptation in the world in all their mouths and drive ahead of the competition. allbranded represents your advertising success.

Benefit from chocolate as a targeted advertising article

While chocolate was even up to 19. Century sold in pharmacies as a strengthening tonic and the ingredients served partly as an aphrodisiac up to the modern age, chocolate is now considered above all as a popular and simply designed inexpensive dessert. The forms, shapess and flavors and intersections with other components such as yoghurt, biscuits, nuts, chili or berries are varied. Chocolate is purchased as a snack between meals in the office or relished on the evening of film or reading. The taste is always good pleasure in the foreground, which makes us forget some concern. Advertising companies have long recognized the positive attributes of sweet dishes and in particular of chocolate for their purpose and use. Don't miss it, to win, with promotional gifts from chocolate, the sympathies of your business partners or their employees with a sweet present. The recipient will consider just as positive the sender as the gift itself.

Individualise chocolate with allbranded

The assortment of allbranded will be devoted to the subject of confectionery products to a greater extent. Only 45 products are completely or to a large part made of chocolate. In our online shop you will find classic Alpine Milk Chocolate bars such as the versions midi or maxi of Kraft Foods, chocolate hearts in dark, but also the mini versions of the well-known branded products from Mon Cheri, Ferrero kiss and Hanuta. allbranded also offers a wide selection of seasonal relevant products, such as the chocolate filled advent calendar in the winter, or mini chocolate Easter bunny in April. allbranded advises you gladly to find suitable advertising gift for your campaign and this, printed with your logo, will present you in an appropriate context effectively.

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