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Eating is not just a way to gain sustenance, when we eat we often tend to socialise and relax too. This is done over breakfast, in the office canteen and at dinner time too! Eating is an important part of the day in more ways than one! Take advantage of this by distributing promotional food. There’s a lot of choice on offer in the allbranded web shop, from nuts and berries, to pretzels and popcorn, no matter what your gastronomical preference, there is sure to be a promotional product to suit you. As well as snacks that will appeal to everyone, we also stock ketchup and mustard sachets, which would be ideal promotional products for hotels and restaurants. All of the snacks are available to personalise by having your corporate design printed on the front. These will be appreciated gifts and will make customers think positively about your brand, because everyone loves to eat! Indulging in snacks in particular is a popular pastime for many people. Treat your clients and business partners to tasty and delicious promotional foods.


  • High use items, your promotional food will be on the desk and coffee tables of clients, who will dip into them often throughout the day
  • Everyone loves to eat! By indulging in people’s love of eating, they will associate your brand with happiness
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the item, to having your logo printed on the front


It is the creative and unusual marketing campaigns that get brands remembered, so choose promotional foods to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Customers will be much more inclined to walk over to your booth at the exhibition if you have delicious, personalised snacks on display! Eating is also a great way for people to relax and socialise, which means clients will feel more calm and receptive to your words as they eat your promotional snacks. As well as distributing these at events and exhibitions, these can also be given to hard working employees and business partners to show your appreciation. You might also consider ordering promotional spices


Using food to promote with might just be the best decision you make towards reaching your advertising goals. There are snacks and sweets in abundance in our web shop! We have bottled cookie sets, which includes a glass bottle filled with all the ingredients needed to bake cookies! This would be a great gift for anyone, but would particularly suit a younger demographic. Also in this range are flavoured almonds, including vanilla flavoured ones from brand name Lindt. There is a wide variety of nuts, as well as cookies, crisps, fortune cookies, and apple chips, just to name a few! Our extensive range ensures that you will find the right promotional food item for your business.


Snacks are useful to have on hand for moments when you get hungry, but don’t have time to sit down and have a full meal. They can be eaten anytime, anywhere! The convenience of these snacks will go a long way to making your customers think positively about your brand. Customised with your personal advertising message, a distinctive slogan or your logo will be eye-catching and attract the gaze of many onlookers. These snacks can also be used to make hampers, which could contain several different items. For the health conscious among you, we sell apple chips, which will show your clients how important their health and wellbeing is to you. There are also organic products, so you can appeal to all demographics with our promotional organic food products. Have a look through our web shop and discover the right personalised items for you.


Once you have chosen the right food products for you, they can be personalised further by having your business logo applied to the front. If you are unsure of what products are suitable as advertising products for your company, please feel free to contact our experienced and competent team. We are there for you at any time, to assist and support you with the implementation of your marketing strategy.