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The discount code is valid only for only orders over £200 and does not apply to Food&Sweets or Prodir Pens. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Black Friday Deal|15% off Everything|Code: ALLBLACK Shop Here
The discount code is valid only for only orders over £200 and does not apply to Food&Sweets or Prodir Pens. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Good food is characterised by fresh ingredients and its excellent flavour. For this the use of high quality branded spices are essential! Thanks to allbranded, you have the option of providing your customers with delicious spices which you can order comfortably from home online. You have the option of branding these with either your company logo, advertising slogan or general advertising message; using small promotional items with great effect which promote regular usage and visual contact allows you to reason your marketing campaign to perfection!

If you stop to consider just how much we rely on spices to make a meal as opposed to the seemingly main proponent of dishes; you will find an incredible amount of value from these little taste-makers! So, don't wait and allow an association to be formed with taste; your brand and high quality spices will carve a path for excellent promotion that is not only effective but unique! It is often just a pinch of salt or pepper, which makes a dish perfect and adds a unique flavour. Indulge the palate of your clients with high-quality salt mixtures, savoury spice sets or exclusive spice mills. Promotional food could be just the thing to connect with your target audience in an entirely new way! Reap the rewards of creative advertising with these custom products.


Spice promotional products are part of a larger overall trend of using tasty snacks and treats to target a specific audience. We are so used to seeing visual advertisements or hearing adverts on the radio that we have trained ourselves to ignore them. With taste however, we are still open to a number of possibilities and that is why printed spices make for such effect advertising items. When was the last time you walked past a food sampler and weren't tempted to grab one for yourself (most of us do!)? You can get a similar effect where consumers voluntarily approach your business giving you a chance to inform them about your high quality products or services


Historical evidence suggests that hunter gatherers discovered the taste enhancing features of leaves, nuts, seeds and berries when used on meat. With time these were used for medical purposes, undistinguished with those that were most suitable for food. Spices were also valuable as items of exchange and trade. Ancient Greece imported Eastern spices to the Mediterranean area and consumed many herbs produced in neighbouring countries. They soon began to play a vital role within Greek medical science, most notable uses were by Hippocrates (460-377 BC). The Romans also made use of spices to a great extent, even in wine flavourings. When the Roman Empire extended to the northern side of the Alps, and introduced such spices to the East, who used various different spices found in their homelands.


  • Unique giveaways
  • High practical usage
  • High visibility
  • Longevity in visual contact
  • Excellent for catering businesses
  • Range in colour, shape and sizes
  • Modern sleek look


Branded spices make for surprising ways of advertising your company and this is exactly why these will work perfectly as memorable promotional items; by standing out from your competition through originality as well as quality. So promote the finer things in life and find the various uses for these within the hospitality and catering industry as well as special occasions such as mother's day events and make way for great cooking!


The merchandise from allbranded could become the brand-new kitchen inventory for your customers. Daily spices are used to better the taste of food and to bring in the final and vital touch that any dish needs. To score tasteful points, become a sponsor of cooking courses and distribute your gifts there. Also, you could support school cafeterias or kitchens, with your advertising products. Pupils will remember this gesture for the long term and associate your brand with memories of nostalgia! Why not put together a promotional food box consisting of spices, promotional organic food, a few promotional drinks and some tasty treats to get the word out about your business and connect with some new, large potential clients!

Just like how a tiny pinch of salt can revolutionise a dish, so can a tiny bottle of spice revolutionise your marketing campaign!