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Chewing gum vending machines make up part of our childhood. The begging your parents for a 50p coin to buy the flavour you really want and when you do; the moment of euphoria. Sweets contain a great amount of enjoyment and not just via taste buds but the general memorable component and association to our idealised childhood. Or what about every dreaded visit to the dentist because you knew your teeth were just never going to impress even if you brushed it twice a day just as the doctor told you to! Nevertheless, the round jars filled with our confectionery were always on offer and a great way to cheer you up during the braces fiasco.

So yes, sweet accessories obtain a sentimental value for most! Use the nostalgia and advertise your business with promotional products from allbranded! With promotional candy dispensers from the accessories category you can bring a piece of your childhood closer to your company brand and make a truly meaningful association that will most certainly not be forgotten! The accessories that the online shop allbranded offers in candy and other small delicacies grant you success through ingenuity. Candy dispensers in different colours are rather exceptional promotional gifts so surprise your clients with these extraordinary branded accessories! For more promotional products check our personalised mugs, pens, keyrings, mugs, golf umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, lanyards and promotional chocolate.


During the Stone Age, cave paintings represent the acquiring of honey from beehives; perhaps the first sweet sought after by humans. The first lollipops are traced back to 1550AD, while gums and pastilles came in during the 1650s. Between 2000BC and 1400AD, sweets started to appear in different shapes and sizes around the world - from Sanskrit texts describing 'milk-based, laced with sugar' in India, to Arabic almond lozenges mentioned in Persian cookbooks. Cheap versions of crystallised fruits appeared in 1820, while the British seaside staple rock, complete with the letters through the middle, was thought to been invented in Morecambe in the 1830s. After sweet rationing came to an end in 1953, loose forms sold from jars became popular.


Confectionery and chewing gum anyone can distribute - but how you design an exceptional promotional product is an expertise allbranded has mastered for the purpose of bringing your company new business. Making use of our promotional printed peppermint products, pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs, golf umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks and lanyards also enables this. Buy our delicious range, also in our online shop, and don’t leave the jars empty! You can then distribute the exclusive advertising to your customers and prepare a delicious surprise.

The concept of nostalgia is a powerful thing due its complex array of positive emotions. There is a reason why we enjoy visiting sweet shops designed to look like they did in the 80s and 90s- we are always looking for ways to remember past experiences dipped in happy memories. By making use of the personalised jar, you become part of these very memories by enabling potential customers a few minutes of time-travel as children. So these, as giveaways, will not only take your target population by surprise but also will very keenly remember your brand for the long term!


  • Nostalgia factor
  • Numerous uses in catering businesses and otherwise
  • Inexpensive
  • Unique giveaways and gifts
  • High visibility
  • High practical use


These promotional jars simply add an extra impressionable layer to your already existing collection of our personalised confectionery. So there is no surprise why these are so sought after by customers and therefore leave with positive memories of your business when used. You can distribute these at customer meetings or trade fairs and affect your company appearance directly and positively as well as our promotional pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs, golf umbrellas, eco-friendly bags and usb-sticks. Support small "try-your-luck" sweet dispensers at county fairs with high quality products or advertise yourself with a wheel of fortune for your business. So these promotional sweets always have a place at any desk as gifts for any industry or sector so pen your brand into the memory of many!

By making use of our collection you can enable some fun at each rotation, promises of chocolates, chewing gums or candies, and thus you establish a link of your business with the customer based on nostalgia, childhood and enjoyment. We bring your advertising message, the company logo or a slogan to the forefront at ease and send your freshly ordered individualised promotional goods in good time. If you have a need for the glucose, candy jars are a must on your desk, as are our promotional desk items including pens, bags and more.