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Coffee and cake as the fourth meal of the day is a longstanding tradition in the UK. Cake as dessert is to be enjoyed, as a sweet temptation and a must for celebrations. So, you can for very special occasions choose one of these very special promotional sweets items and send them with a personal greeting to your customers, employees or business partners. In the allbranded online shop you will find a wide range of cakes, where their packaging can be customised according to your wishes. Now select your desired cakes as creative advertising items in allbranded Online Shop and customise these in your company look and logos!

Branded cakes are sweet, fine bakery products. Some are glazed, decorated with sprinkles or carry meaningful lettering. In Europe and North America, the cake baking belongs to fixed traditions, while in other continents may be rather subordinate. A birthday without cake? Here is deemed unimaginable! A wedding without the classic cake cut? Unlikely. Cakes are deeply ingrained in our traditions and festivals as well as society in general. So, use the personalised cake and print these with any logos you associate your business with and have these thrive in terms of promotion and customer leads!


When selecting an advertising article in addition to the quality, the originality is the most important and decisive factor. promotional products that surprise and delight your target groups achieve a significantly higher advertising effect than other products. The cake is a particularly unusual advertising gift and are rarely used in as marketing artefacts. With this surprise prepare customers, employees or business partners for special occasions with innovation that will leave an impression of you in their memory, thus your brand and corporate logo will not be forgotten! So, dare to commit to this extraordinary advertising medium and enjoy large advertising success as you will do with our range of personalised mugs, pens and logo printed snacks!


Ancient Egypt was the first culture to show evidence of true skill in baking, making many kinds of bread including some sweetened with honey.

The Greeks had a form of cheesecake and the Romans developed early versions of fruitcakes with raisins, nuts and other fruits and introduced the use of yeast.

These ended up in 14th century Britain. Cakes come from sweet bread and loaves created in the Middle Ages but it wasn't until the 16th century that cakes resembling today's versions were baked, allowed with the proliferation of fine sugar and flavours including chocolate and vanilla.

The 19th century saw baking powder come onto the market, which further revolutionised the art of cake baking and becoming increasingly associated and used for special occasions- traced back to Ancient Greece where candles were used as a representation of Artemis- a Greek deity.


  • High visibility
  • Excellent advertising space
  • Universal target audience
  • Wide range of uses
  • Celebratory factor
  • Range in flavours, shapes and sizes


Cake as a promotional article develops great advertising impact for your business. This in addition to its exceptional nature and the decorative touches - especially on the individualisation font, speaks volumes for your company. You can assign our cakes with an individual corporate logo or label, which can be printed with your choice of words and with their high practical value, you will be able to make use of these at any catering event business, exhibition booths or even restaurant or hotel openings. Using these as free giveaways will only add to the appreciation value and guarantee promotional success.

The associations we make with cake are always positive; celebrations, parties, enjoyment! It is an item that bursts with great vibes and thus a product you should absolutely be made use of. Consider their incredibly high aesthetic design in relation to your corporate brand and slogan; your customers-to-be will be left with a long-lasting memory of what your company stands for. So, make use of our branded products today ranging from cakes (perhaps a wedding or birthday) to mugs and printed peppermint products and we'll make sure of the manufacturing, personalising and delivery!