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With allbranded, personalised chewing gum becomes a valuable and casual advertising item experienced through your tastebuds. These make an excellent basis for your marketing campaign, since they come in so many flavours, shapes and colours. Our range has an incredibly universal use within most if not all target audiences; they are a way to keep your breath fresh, a way of distraction or to silence your hunger for the short-term. Therefore you could most certainly consider using such promotional sweets, made suitable by their various properties being perfect for any occasion. So show your off your casual side and distribute these as giveaways. Due to the range of flavours that come with these,you will find the right one for every customer to hit the spot!  

We always have some on us, it allows us for a way to relax and allows us to enter a more casual state of being. These are a handy companion in your day to day activity and often make a great promotional ambassador by their high visibility at every use and their adaptability at any occasion! It is often the smaller accessories that are forgotten but allbranded is here to remind you of the value of everyday promotional products which are made high use of; use these to promote your company and find just how useful a such small goods can be, much like our branded mints, fruit jelly, chocolate and more!


9000 years ago tree resins were used as a kind of replacement, as well as latex, grass, leaves, grains and waxes.

In Ancient Greece, mastic gum was used, also containing resin of trees to both clean their teeth and for fresh breath (some things never change!).

This was further promoted by Indians to American colonists and were soon sold on American soil (1800s). The use of sweetened paraffin wax was also a common alternative.

Modern ingredients evolved from a chicle-based gum. Manufacturers turned to synthetic varieties to meet the high demands.

With the increase in demand, an Ohio dentist used rubber to create a gum product for jaw exercise and gum stimulation. William F. Semple was honoured for this work with the first patent to manufacture the modern form in December 1869.


From 2016 to 2017, as promotional products these are very effective for your business because they enjoy wide coverage and immense popularity. These can; be used for a variety of occasions. Thanks to their low prices, these can be particularly well used as a giveaways for example at fairs, concerts or other events. We also recommend the distribution of these within your company, whether at the reception of your company to give visitors a nice touch or at the staff meeting. Also branded chewing gums are effective promotional gifts during sale. Sprinkle these sweets in the shopping bags of your customers or give these out at events, exhibitions and any other occasion!


  • Inexpensive
  • Eco-friendly packaging available (tins)
  • High advertising space
  • High visibility
  • High practical usage
  • Large target audience
  • Excellent giveaways (as gift bags with mint and gum combination etc)
  • Selective colour


In our online shop you will find these promo products with high amounts of variations; colour, size and most importantly flavour. So you will be able to find high-quality variations in metal tins and pocket cans designed with ornate advertising stickers or even the possibility of engraving such for recycled and therefore regular use! In fact, you wouldn't think of branded chewing gum as having modern and classic forms would you? Well, allbranded most certainly thinks outside of the box and you will find promotional Mentos gum in mini flow packs, hinged lids, click clack tins and blister packs!

No matter what kind you choose: all promo products of this type are ideal as a giveaway, as they have generous and eye-catching advertising space, which presents your business fully. The packaging you can customise completely according to your preferences, brand and image and guarantee a recognition value for your business. For more delicious printed sweets variations, see our printed peppermint products, fruit jelly, chocolate and printed liquorice and print your logo with some colour!