Promotional Chocolate

Some of the best gifts to give and receive is chocolate! It is a treat that we often don’t allow ourselves to have too often, so when it is offered to us by someone else we feel obliged to indulge! There are many chocolates available in our web shop, including popular brand names like , Ritter Sport, ferrero rocher and Kinder. By printing your logo onto these, customers will attribute the respect and recognition they have for that company to your business too! There is a lot of choice in this category, including solid chocolate pieces, hearts covered in fruit and nuts, Kinder surprise eggs, and much, much more! We can print your promotional chocolate quickly, easily and completely according to your corporate design. Chocolate is ideally suited as a small giveaway but can also be used as part of gift bags to make your advertising message even more effective. These treats can be put into our eco-friendly cotton bags, or stuffed into mugs. We at allbranded can say from experience: these are the perfect small advertising item! Promotional sweets target your audience in a new and fresh way, unlike the standard online ads or print based campaigns you will see 24/7.


  • A high use item, your customised treat will be sitting on the desk or coffee table of your clients and dipped into many times throughout the day
  • Releases serotonin and improves mood - people will associate happiness with your business
  • Lots of choice - there is sure to be a confectionary style to suit you
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the colour and style to having your logo printed


Chocolate makes you happy, this is fact! It raises serotonin levels in the brain and improves mood. By eating this treat you release endorphins in the brain, which in turn makes us happy. Use this chemical reaction to your advantage by distributing promotional chocolates to your clients and business partners. These make fantastic giveaway items and will be greatly appreciated by all who receive them. These can also be put on the table at meetings and given out at all events and exhibitions. These are excellent stand alone products, but you can make your advertising message even more powerful by making these part of personalised gift bags. These can be filled with other items such as our printed liquorice, tea, gummy sweets, or logo printed snacks. This will ensure that your marketing message is in the client’s life as much as possible.


The chocoholics amongst you already know how amazing this indulgence can make you feel! The positive and happy feelings that confectionary produce in your clients will be associated with your business. This is a powerful way to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Place your logo or message on these promotional products and see how far it spreads your campaign. These chocolates are also suitable to give out at sales events, fairs and internal events, increasing your advertising reach. These can be give out at children’s parties, festivals, anywhere chocolate lovers are! Which due to the popularity of this treat, can be almost anywhere.


For many, chocolate has a special place in their heart. It reminds them of special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Easter. There are connotations of positivity and celebration attached to these treats and they can be associated with your company too! There are many options for those with a sweet tooth. We have solid chocolates that come in milk chocolate as well as dark. There are also some with nuts in, some are by Ferrero rocher. There are Easter themed chocolates, shaped like eggs and rabbits, these can be enjoyed by anyone - Easter is for adults too! - but will particularly appeal to a younger demographic. Some are foil wrapped, and others are wrapped in plastic or housed inside presentation boxes. No matter how they are packaged, they are sure to be devoured by whoever the lucky recipients are of these promotional treats.


Allow sweets to be your brand ambassadors! Whether you choose the heart shaped chocolate covered in fruit and nuts, or the Kinder surprise egg, the recipient is sure to be thrilled with these promotional items. Surprise and delight your customers with personalised confectionary. All of the products here can be customised by having your corporate logo printed. If you have any questions about the process, or just don’t know where to begin, our friendly team are waiting to take your call.