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Promotional Health and Fitness Products

Being mindful of health and fitness is vital to a functioning society, it makes us feel and perform better in our daily lives. Wellness and fitness have become very trendy in mainstream media, making now the perfect time to use promotional health and fitness products to your advantage. Our website has a plethora of health and fitness related products, including running tops, footballs, sports bags and drinking bottles to name a few. All of these products are available to customise with your business design, to show your clients how important health is to you, and promote your company at the same time. There are many ways to customise these promotional products with different colour options and logo designs, to really make your products stand out. Use these promotional items at fitness retreats, dental surgery’s, in hotels, spas, and as customer gifts with purchase. There are so many ways to use health related promotional products to spread awareness of your brand.

Here you’ll find all the promotional beach products you’ll need, from plastic inflatable balls to compact foldable beach chairs, we have it all! These seasonal promotional items are brilliant, unique leisure items to give out at events or as seasonal gifts in the warmer months of the year. In this category we have beach gift sets, including cooler bag, inflatable ball, ball and paddles as well as a Frisbee. The plastic inflatable balls make effective promotional items because of the large surface area, you can be sure your branding will be seen by the many spectators on the beach! There are also many beach specific games in this category, including plastic bucket and spade sets, volley balls, Frisbees and kites, which will ensure your corporate logo will be seen by people far and wide. The leisure aspect of these items also means your customers and clients will associate the happiness and relaxation of spending time on the beach with your company.


  • Health is something to be taken seriously, by using these promotional products you are showing your customers you care about their health
  • The leisure items will help your customers associate relaxation and mindfulness with your brand
  • Endless ways to customise - choose your style of product, colour, and personalise these items with your business logo or slogan


Wellness is as trendy now as ever! Looking after one’s self is not just seen as a luxury, it is now a social necessity. Health, wellness and hygiene are important to us all, making these more personal promotional gifts the ideal tools to strengthen your advertising campaign. This collection of products can be useful to anyone, but might particularly appeal to a female audience. For drugstore and pharmacies, these would make thoughtful gift with purchases for customers. There are many bath gift sets, mirrors, candles and printed dressing gowns to choose from, all available to personalise with your corporate specifications. These promotional cosmetic items would also do well in hotels or spas, a place of deep calm and relaxation, your customers will see your branded products in this environment and start to associate peace and positivity with your brand!


Fitness is an important part in helping us all to live longer and feel better. There are many different sports and activities to stay fit and healthy such as football, cycling, running and hiking. Our diverse range of products here at allbranded reflect those many ways to stay fit! Show your clients how important fitness is to your business with these promotional fitness products. In this category we have a wide range of fitness related products, from custom printed footballs to Nordic walking sticks, there is a promotional fitness product to suit all needs. Our hiking and running tops could be the perfect personalised products for customers on a fitness retreat, or an outdoor company trip. Sports bags and protein shakers, branded with your corporate logo, could be the ideal tools for promotion in gyms, fitness based shops, and at fitness events or festivals.


Our personalised healthcare products are suitable for general practitioners, house doctors and pharmaceutical companies looking to promote their brand. In this range we have plasters, smoke detectors and many sizes of first aid kit, amongst many other products. Doctors and dentists can use these promotional healthcare products as gifts to patients, these small gifts will not only make the customer think well of the doctor, but also of their brand. Your promotional logo or slogan, printed on the front of pill boxes and disinfecting hand sprays, will increase your brands awareness. Our quality promotional healthcare products will show how important your customers health is to you.


In this section we have many games, designed to keep both children and adults occupied in times of boredom! These promotional games are especially great for travel because they are so compact, we have classic ‘brain games’ like chess and domino to keep the mind challenged on long trips or at home. A lot of our sets come with multiple games, our wooden games set contains backgammon, chess, cribbage, domino, checkers and poker! This games set, branded with your business design, will kill hours of boredom and promote your brand at the same time. There’s also a whole range of other products for outdoor activities, such as the picnic basket, this would make a thoughtful branded gift for business partners or to reward colleagues. There are also cooler bags, lunch bags and binoculars, all available to personalise to your corporate specifications.