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With the beach chairs by allbranded you'll leave a lasting impression with your target audience. Whether you functionally upgrade your exhibition booth or give them away as giveaways. With our promotional products people will gravitate towards your brand and logo due to the large promotional items we offer in this category. Offer your customers, employees and business partners a cosy resting place and giveaway a short moment of relaxation in a stressful everyday life with the innovative merchandising by allbranded. More variety whether on the beach or at home check out our range of printed inflatables, keyrings, bags, pens, mugs, umbrellas and lanyards.

So, impress existing and potential customers by offering them a small oasis of relaxation at your great event or just a useful chair for the private household. The promotional seating from the allbranded shop is an effective advertiser that communicates your message in an original and effective way. With these unique giveaways, you'll remain in the memory of your target audience for a long time and you'll leave behind your competitors with ease!


Wilhelm Bartelmann a king cane furniture maker had woven and created a completely new piece of furniture; a hooded beach seating. His invention was prompted by a female customer requesting seating that allowed for sun and wind protection during beach visits due to her condition (rheumatism). This idea of comfortable seating for shelter from sun and wind on the beach had become popular that a couple of years later over 550 were produced in the North and Baltic Sea coast to save the alabaster skin of the ladies of the high society. New versions were introduced by numerous other manufacturers including food and armrests as well as adjustable backrests around 1897.


Our experts love to give you advice on the phone or online about choosing the right giveaway for your campaign. With the promotional beach products by allbranded you'll definitely get the type of attention you want. No matter how you use our advertising deckchairs, they will guarantee you an optimal advertising effect and a long-lasting acquisition of customers! All accessories in our online store become an effective communication instrument by customising them with your individual message and they convince with their high quality and fair prices. Choose your branded products online and we deliver reliably to your preferred address. Establish your reputations with the original trendy items by allbranded.


  • May be used as a seasonal giveaway
  • Excellent advertising space
  • Compact and portable
  • High quality and durable
  • Come with carrying cases
  • Summer colour available
  • Multi-functional


Deckchairs are perfect for surprising your customers on the next event not only with an original eye catcher, but also with a small moment of relaxation in your beach lounge. Whether on a marathon, outdoor parties, restaurant openings or fairs; these can be used multifunctional, are easily portable and make sure that your campaign will be presented in the proper light. These seats are also perfect as a giveaway. This way, you company will even remain present in your customer's home. If you want to maximise your impact we recommend promotional beach games, printed keyrings, bags, pens, mugs and umbrellas. Allbranded offers a portfolio of small delights offer real value and convince your target audience with intelligent marketing.

The allbranded online store offers innovative ideas and competent merchandising in the form of high quality and inexpensive branded accessories. We offer a wide range of clever communication mediums, which will definitely gain the interest of your target group. With comfortable advertising deckchairs, you'll have a useful highlight on every fair. Enhance our promotional merchandise and packaging with your logo and a catchy slogan and make your company visible to customers and business partners.