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With promotional products by allbranded you'll definitely not screw up your advertising campaign: give away original beach mats to your customers and business partners that we can customise for you with a slogan or your logo. With the personalised beach towel by allbranded you're always guaranteed to make an impression, taking advantage of the massive advertising space that will attract visibility with ease, particularly when used at the beach! Delight your customers even on their holidays and leave a positive impression with original promotional products including our branded desk accessories and more such as keyrings, pens, pencils, eco-friendly bags, mugs, umbrellas, usb-sticks, frisbees, clocks and balls.

The season of summer opens numerous doors for advertising. Why? Many promotional beach products come into effect only when the warmer days are at our doorsteps. During the summer people are far more likely to flash warm colours and show those off to the outdoors- a fact not missed by the marketing experts at allbranded. We use summer, and the glow it releases to highlight your very own company and brand through our beach mat and make sure you receive as many visual contacts and therefore customer leads as possible. So, while your customers are enjoying the holiday, your accessories will do the work with no extra effort on your behalf!


The beach mat comes from the family of mats including those dedicated to floor covering or rugs, whether woven or plaited, whereas they started with braided plant fibers on likely earthen floors.

According to archaeologists the earliest floor coverings were made 25,000 years ago in Paleolithic times using tree bark. Not long after, humans developed the practice of weaving to make certain goods. Women would take either straw or plantlike grasses called rushes and weave them together in Mesopotamia about 6,000 years ago.

In biblical times, these were used as sleeping pads and to create warmth from the cold. Such were constructed of woollen yarn woven together. These types of floor coverings were popular well into the Middle Ages.

In the early 1800s, a new type of floor covering was created using the waste products from traditional weaving looms. The discarded pieces of yarn, known as thrums, were collected and pulled through a woven base of straw or some other sturdy material. The practice, known as rug hooking (whose roots may extend further back into history), became popular in England.

In the 20th century, materials used to make floor coverings expanded. During the industrial Revolution floor coverings were made most commonly from rubber and petroleum-based materials.


  • Great advertising space
  • Seasonal product
  • High visibility
  • High user value
  • High quality and durable
  • Portable


People want to relax especially on holidays and on short trips. This can be achieved best by being prepared with high quality products stocked by yours truly. That's why these are great promotional products for your customers; their high usability and usefulness at resorts and the beach. Show them that you care about their well-being and order in our online store that we will print with your logo!

To forget work and business in your holiday does not seem to be difficult although if you are looking to ease the workload for yourself and employees as well as customers, browse our promotional beach games, keyrings, pens, pencils, eco-friendly bags, mugs, umbrellas, usb-sticks, frisbees, clocks and balls. In order for you to profit from promotional gifts, you should customise them with your logo or slogan! A digital printing technique delivers great results. This way, your business partners will also think of you while enjoying a well-deserved holiday!


Where do you need beach towels more than on the beach or at the swimming pool? That's why you have to build your stall of information about your company exactly on these places of relaxation. Speak to people visually when they are feeling at their best! With a personalised beach mat, you'll definitely be present in the mind of your customers! Organise a small beach party in the summer for your company and delight your customers with cocktails and Caribbean summer music, or perhaps even our promotional beach chair, branded desk accessories keyrings, pens, eco-friendly bags, mugs, umbrellas, usb-sticks, clocks, balls and torches.