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There is a reason why people look forward to the summer. The pleasant warmth and getting a peek at the sun from time to time definitely makes up a fraction. The biggest however is the number of outdoor activities that are accessible once we find ourselves in warmer days, and beach visits are practically the visual image we get when we consider the season in and by itself. Summer would not be summer without the beach.

We at allbranded believe in optimisation, which only within the realms of marketing but during leisure time too! Beach visits are only fully made use of if you are prepared for them with the right gear, toys and entertainment! This means we can and will always make use of hand fans, straw hats or beach ball sets. Here you can prepare for summer and delight your customers, employees and business partners with great promotional products and allbranded helps you by designing your advertising campaign. Why not check out our universal range of branded keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, lanyards, folders, shirts, and drinkware while you're at it?


At allbranded you can make your plans of a successful advertising campaign come true. Our hats from the category of other beach & sun accessories offer well-visible advertising space with your logo when you choose them in the colours of your brand. Prepare for summer and delight your existing and new customers with other beach & sun advertising accessories as well as our highly recommended branded keyrings, mugs, pens, umbrellas and eco-friendly bags.

The promotional products from our other beach & sun category are excellent for your advertising campaign and can be used as great giveaways. Distribute fans as well as customised beach sets at outdoor events that have a high free-time factor. This way you'll reach the right customers and your brand name will soar in popularity amongst your target group. Care for your advertising success and order today in our online store. We offer you competent help in order to reap the first successes of your campaign.


  • High advertising space
  • Seasonal promotional product
  • Range of functions
  • Various colours available
  • Durable and high quality
  • High user value
  • Compact and portable


Whether you are keen to distribute these at a beach with a promotional stand open or at clothing stores as well as sporting facilities; our promotional beach products will find a place. These giveaways are highly versatile and even if it is not for the beach, why not give these out at gyms such as our Railay Beach set that includes a Frisbee, beach game, a 6-can cooler bag as well as an inflatable beach ball and pillow bag? Equip your potential customers with a single bag that will have you ready to visit the beach right away! For more promotional items, check out our promotional beach chairs, branded keyrings, mugs, pens, pencils, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, folders, shirts and torches.


At allbranded you'll find promotional items in every shape that can be easily customised and changed according to your wishes. Just talk to us, we would love to help you by choosing the right products for your company and your campaign and whatever target audience you are trying to engage and appeal to. With the promotional products for summer, you'll definitely score with your customers or business partners and offer them protection and refreshment, showing of your devotedness and competence. So, whether it is on holiday or a short drive to the beach in the next town over make sure your brand accompanies these times of leisure at any time for the long haul with high quality promotional beach games !

So, if you are looking for products of high user value, aesthetics as well as excellent advertising space, browse through our range and see how easily giveaways can expand your reach within your target group and out! We also stock desk accessories that tick all the boxes to optimise your marketing campaign including our personalised pens and mugs for the indoors. If you find yourself tempted by more than one product, why not consider throwing together a gift bag (perhaps within our eco-friendly bags)?