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Useful products make the best promotional products as you can be sure your clients will use them regularly, giving your brand consistent exposure. There is hardly a more helpful advertising item then the plaster. In the allbranded web shop we have plasters available in different shaped boxes, these come in a variety of colour, and can all be personalised by having your business message printed on the front. The need for a plaster is universal, making the target demographic for these items essentially endless! Choosing plasters to promote with will expand your advertising reach. This advertising item reaches a large number of people and is also very attractive for new clients. Through the healing effect of the band aids your company will be met with positive feelings.

Advertising band aids are small and affordable so even if you have a smaller marketing budget, you can order enough products to hand out to all of your intented target audience! All though used quickly when you have a cut or a graze, most people keep a stock pile of plasters in their medicine cabinet. This means that your logo could be in their home, seen by them regularly for months after the intial giveaway. More logo impressions means that they are more likely to think of your brand when they need someone offering your products or services!


  • Thoughtful, people will be thankful for you looking after their wellbeing
  • Practical, all demographics can use these tools
  • Excellent standalone products, but more powerful as part of a gift bag
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the product style and colour, to having your corporate message printed on the front


To distribute plasters as an advertising mediums is to make sure your brand is remembered. While your competitors are giving out promotional t-shirts and mugs, you will be remembered for being different! These giveaways will show how important your customers wellbeing is to your business. This will make people think fondly towards the company and therefore become a loyal client. These handy and practical tools are useful for all demographics; people will be glad to have your promotional plasters on hand the next time they have an accident! These make excellent giveaways at doctor meetings and technical medical trade fairs.


For medical practices and doctors, these can be thoughtful giveaways for customers. Band aids are an important item and they will be glad to have such a useful tool. Every time they use these products they will be faced with your branding, creating brand recognition and trust. All of the styles here can be customised by having your artwork printed on the packaging. These make excellent stand alone products but would be even more effective as part of marketing gift bags. These gift bags could be health themed and contain other healthcare promotional products such as custom hand sanitiser and/or a thermometer. Another great addition to your bag would be promotional hand warmers and branded cool packs.


In addition to simply designed hard plastic boxes in our online shop, you can find other forms. The large surface area of these boxes make them ideal for promotional messages. Your business logo or slogan can be printed across the front, which is sure to be noticed by all bystanders.


A satisfied clientele is best achieved with a perfect service and little touches, which can be achieved with allbranded. With the giveaway you score points at trade fairs as well as purchase additional points for larger accounts. In addition, plasters are a more meaningful gift than the more traditional pen or mug. Choose your preferred style and colour, and then we can print your corporate artwork onto the front. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.