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With all the little things that we carry every day in our bags with us, it makes sense to use practical promotional products such as tins and boxes to bring order to the chaos. This way it can be ensured that the searched utensil can be found immediately and does not disappear in the depths of backpacks and bags. Take the versatile range of allbranded online shops under the magnifying glass and find suitable advertising article for your next promotion. Whilst they are perfectly suited to as a promotional healthcare product, they can be used to hold any number of items. They would go perefectly inside a printed tote bag filled with other health related promotional giveaways such as custom printed plasters or promotional hand warmers!

Personalised storage essentially introduces organisation within a perhaps difficult environment and these allow the ease of such. This means whether at work or in the private household we realise the importance of tidy attributes and if optimised, just how much life gets easier if there is an order within work and even leisure activities. The regular usage of such as as well as the excellent advertising space offered by these personalised products allow these to act as excellent brand ambassadors. This will ultimately lead into greater visual contact by potential customers and therefore customer acquisition as a whole.


Create your next marketing campaign and rely on the remarkable printed product diversity allbranded offers. Among other things, we lead in the category of tins & boxes with different storage products that are ideal as an advertising article for your upcoming campaign. In the meantime, a belief has established in the advertising industry that merchandising accessories promise the best long-term and sustainable benefits for the customer and therefore the business itself.

Our personalised products in this particular category include various commercial storage boxes which will delight the young and old alike! Choose from this range the right advertising article and print it in the colours you want to use with your claim, a message or the logo of your company. As always, all our gifts come in various shapes and designs so you are spoilt with choice. If you are uncertain as to which of the tins & boxes or other accessories are the best fit for your business, please contact our competent service staff directly through the online chat provided on our website or via telephone; allbranded supports you in the ideas and/or the implementation of your marketing campaign.


  • High user-value
  • High visibility
  • Excellent advertising space
  • Durable
  • Longevity visual contacts
  • Multi-functional/ versatile in uses
  • Compact and portable
  • Selective colour palette


Printed products such as tins and boxes, reach a wide audience and are ideally suited for larger events such as trade fairs as giveaway. These however do make excellent industry-specific (and therefore target-specific) promotional products too for the medical sectors. Whether as giveaways at pharmacies alongside tablet-prescriptions or else when numerous assortments of medicine are purchased by patients, these make incredible life-simplifiers. On the other hand, our boxes are not limited to medical use but can also be used for storage of any smaller items which you will find in a variety of colours and sizes.

Due to the universal use, the tin is also excellent for the use of giveaways for fundraising and charity purposes for the storing of coins in particular as well as supporting a great cause! What better way of promoting one's business image than committing to charities and helping out those in need? Perhaps medical-related charities will be perfect for the pill boxes and tin in combination! So, order from our collection now, we will make sure to implement your visual customisation/printing and manufacturing process as well as take care of a timely delivery. For more options check out our printed keyrings, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards, pens and pencils for good measure!