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Playing with toys is incredibly important for a child's development, it helps them to grow their imagination and also to socialise with other children. Toys offer a lot of possibilities to influence the image of your company in a positive way. Simply by using them as a promotional product, you can give off the impression that your business values its customers and wants to put a smile on their face. Delighting the children of your clients and business partners will also make their parents think positively towards your brand. We stock classic toys like wooden yoyo's as well as cotton stuffed dolls and plush cuddley toys. There are also bubble blowing machines and skipping ropes available, so there really is something for everyone in this category! In fact, travelling is something that we all have in common. Whether commuting to work, on the bus to school or on a flight to go on holiday we have all experienced a little longing for something to put our mind to rest. That is where allbrandeds printed travel products come in. Making commuters all over the country (or even world!) aware of your brand! Partner these giveaways with a logo printed pillow & cover set and you are sure to reap all of the rewards that promotional products have to offer.

These toys will appeal to all, every recipient will be thankful to your brand for such fun items which will help keep them entertained. Families will also be very thankful for helping to keep their children occupied! Place your marketing message into the home by advertising through promotional children's toys. Order almost any personalised promotional product now from allbranded! These giveaways are one sure fire way to ensure repeat business from your most important clients.


  • Your branding will be viewed by the young ones as well as the parents
  • The fun and joy of playing with their kids will be associated with your business
  • High use items, young ones love to play all day long
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour, to having your corporate logo printed or embroidered


Children are our future - a well known wisdom and a very true statement! The younger generations will make the future, and to shape them into the best functioning, happiest individuals they can be, we must allow them to play. Playing is fundamental in the healthy make-up of younger generations. It is a simple way to spark their imagination and develop their social skills. Children are not only the future, they are also the present. Its helpful to give your company a family friendly image, as this will gain the attention of a grown-up target audience too. Customized advertising toys make excellent giveaways and can also be thoughtful personalised gifts for employees and business partners.


You can find different child-oriented products in our online store, where your logo or slogan can be printed on individually. We have hand and finger puppets, which would best suit the youngest of demographics. The plush toys can be enjoyed by children of all ages, they are soft to the touch and shaped like animals which will thrill and excite the little ones. There is also a plastic beach set, which comes with a dump truck for carrying water of sand, as well as plastic shapes that can be filled with wet sand to create sand figures. These will provide a lot of entertainment for kids at the beach. No matter which product you choose, there will be one here to suit your marketing aims.


These toys can be used at a variety of events, as well as exhibitions. For more personal gifts, these can be given to business partners and customers. They are sure to be thrilled to have such high quality and entertaining products for their children. As these parents play with their kids with these products, they will also be faced with your branding. This will result in them thinking more positively towards your company.


There is a lot to choose from in this extensive range, but no matter what item you choose in the end, you can be sure it will be high quality. Perhaps some of the most perfect promotional products for young and old audiences alike is customised children's toys from allbranded. We even have printed camping itmes available to personalise and order should they interest you! If you're unsure of where to begin, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Spread fun among the entire family with these giveaways!