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With allbranded you can make unique promotional products out of demanding waiting games. These kinds of recreational activities do not only train endurance and fortitude, but also inspire the mind and entertain. Thinking games, as the name suggests last far longer than regular entertainers such as ludo or snakes & ladders. While these types of recreational activities may make it to the top of your list for you, particularly for you in terms of the fun, they will in terms of promotional products! The longevity and constant visual contact needed to play means that your brand is sinking in at every single glance, as will our branded bags, toys and mugs for the success of your marketing campaign!

The best part in the game and of course the promotion is when the players finishes a game; i.e. the winner may link that moment of happiness with your company and will definitely stay in the mind of your customer or business partner for a long time. Choose from a huge variety at allbranded and print them individually as you wish. So, break the rules and make new rules with unique and effective marketing provided by allbranded!


Original giveaways with a challenge! These can often make somebody tear one's hair out, but one thing is certain: they don't let go of the player and the happiness that comes with a finished game. As marketing products, these don't only remain in the hand of your customer or business partner for a long time, but also in their heads. While you're at it, why not browse through our highly-recommended selections of branded bags, toys and mugs? Or see the full range of printed travel accessories that we have available in our store! Remember though, not all promotional games have to be challenging! We have a wide range of all types of games (suitable for a wide range of ages!) in our web shop.

No matter which personalised game you decide to opt for, one thing is for sure: by customising these individually, every game will turn into an original form of advertisement. In our online store, you can easily personalise these advertising items with your slogan or logo; an ideal combination for advertising purposes. So, if the player plays the game even once a week with friends and/or family, the amount of customer acquisition is fundamentally unlimited. These also are commonly known to regularly change ownership as they are often lent through social circles, which will only increase the success of your promotion!


  • Entertainment value
  • High user-value
  • High visibility
  • Appeals to large audiences
  • Excellent advertising space
  • High-quality


Here you'll find a variety of different forms. Whether aimed as promo articles for special customers or as giveaway on fairs, conferences and other big events ; with these as a promo article, you'll stand out of the masses. While these games appeal to a large target audience, you may well choose to use these as giveaways at schools and colleges for mind-training of sorts; this means that they may even be played during breaks and lunches, increasing the possibility of visual contact through colour and personalised branding.

These products, along with the printing of your brand, signal a special message: we focus on brains, endurance and sophisticated solutions! This statement can be extended by different sub-statements, depending on what product you're choosing. Cool designs, futuristic forms and fancy colours are offered by our 3D-Thinking versions. To make use of these entertainment boards, you need skill, intelligence and the power of deduction. So, find what doors will be unlocked by printing on these little entertainers as well as the irreplaceable associations created using such accessories with players as well as anyone within the vicinity! We hope thar you enjoy all of the products found in this category and are tempted to explore our range of promotional travel accesories!