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For restaurants, caterers, cafes and hotels, the promotional dining sets will help spread awareness of your brand. There are many styles on offer in this category, including porcelain dish and cup sets, plates, tea pots and a pitcher set made from sustainable bamboo. These sets are all manufactured to a high quality, and will speak volumes about the standards your business has in not just dishware, but all matters. No matter what your marketing aims, there will be a dining set to suit you. These sets can be used by those in the catering industry, but also as unique gifts to customers and employees. Rather than receiving a printed mug or bag, these sets will delight your clients with their practicality and unique appeal. Take your marketing campaign to the next level with the personalised dining sets from allbranded.


  • For those that work in restaurants and hotels, your promotional dining products will be seen by customers often throughout the day
  • By using personalised products, you will give the impression that your brand is the authority on gastronomy, creating customer loyalty
  • As giveaway items, these are a more unique and memorable choice compared to the printed mug or pen
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing your style and colour preference, to having your corporate design printed on the front


There sets can be used by a variety of working professions, including restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. Serving meals on plates that are personalised with your business design will show you take care in the small details, and customers will view your brand as an authority on gastronomy. With the branded tea pot and porcelain cups, your clients will be sure to not only remember your business, but become repeat users of your products and services. Discover the importance and long lasting effect of advertising through promotional products.


Our business set Milano contains all the tableware you could need. It features a dish, 30 cups, 30 cup and saucer sets and 30 plates. This is the ideal set for large-scale establishments like restaurants or hotels who need to order their personalised sets in bulk. This would also be suitable for caterers who have large events to cater for, such as weddings. The stainless steel tea pot would be an excellent promotional addition to cafes, particularly those who specialise in afternoon tea. These would go well with our cream set, which features a jug for pouring milk and a pot where sugar can be kept. For those that want to show your ecologically responsible they are, we also have pitcher and cup sets made from sustainable bamboo, which means that is completely biodegradable. This attention to such a global cause will make your clients think positively about your brand.


We stock promotional triangular saucers, which would be a more unique style to feature than the more traditional circle shapes. There are porcelain cups that can be used for any variety of beverages. There are also cups made from sustainable bamboo, which will show your customers how important being environmentally responsible is to your brand. Some of these cups have handles and some do not. For more practical promotional merchandise please check our printed clothing or bar accessories printed with your logo. There are styles enough to suit any kind of business look, no matter what your industry or marketing aim, there is sure to be a style to suit you.


Weather you work in the hotel industry, own a restaurant or a café, there are plenty of promotional bar and gastronomy items available to personalise in the allbranded web shop. These are suitable for a number of working professions, including those that work in hotels, cafes and restaurants. Once you have chosen the style and colour that would most suits your marketing needs, your logo can be applied. At allbranded you have the choice to personalise these items by having your corporate logo printed on the front. If you have any questions about the design process or you are unsure of where to begin, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.