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An everyday product may as well be synonymous to the alarm clock. It is most likely the first product you wake up to in the morning (hopefully not the weekend!) and the last thing you set before you head to bed. Our reliance on these little devices is immense and thus, quite naturally so is the frequency of visual contact these promote. So design these with your corporate design and give the alarm clocks to your customers, employees or business partners. You can do the same with our promotional umbrellas, keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, folders, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, coasters and customised watches. With allbranded as a creative partner, you can launch a positive advertising impact. This promotional product convinces with its usefulness and attractiveness. Choose your personalised ambassador for your advertising message from our wide selection of promotional accessories!

How likely do you reckon it is possible to set your internal clock at 8am sharp from Monday to Friday? Unlikely? We agree, and so will most of your target population that is why alarms accompany us into the day. They are often the first things we see in the morning as well as hear and very clearly determine our daily rhythm. Everyone has their own method: some are standing up after the first shrill sound, another uses the "snooze" function and the next one can be awakened with their favourite song. As varied as we humans are, so ought to be our alarm clocks. Use alarms as an advertising article to draw attention of your brand the second your customers start the day!


Promotional items should be useful and attractive to be able to develop their advertising freely. Alarms meet these requirements without question. Individualised promotional clocks with your logo or slogan have an incredible presence in the life of your target group. Not only are they used daily; they also have a long shelf life, so that your advertising continues for the long haul. With this permanent presence, your company is never forgotten and instead are part of the reason why your customers wake up in the morning. For a larger variety, check out our personalised desk accessories including keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards, folders, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, coasters and wallets.


There are various types that can be decorated with print. Whether you are going for the analog representing a classic style or instead opt for the far more modern version; the digital clock. These can have a variety of extras integrated, such as weekday displays or thermometers. Thus, these quickly become more than a clock display, they are real all-rounder. Our range is particularly easy to store in the transport, as are our promotional keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, umbrellas, lanyards, folders, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, coasters and promotional wall clocks. Choose your advertising campaigns, adapted to your target group - so everyone can start their own day coloured by your company brand. Regardless of the vast varieties we offer within this category, all these alarms have a common feature: their value in use. Take advantage of this by individualising these and distributing these to spread your name.


  • Unique giveaways
  • High visibility
  • High usability
  • Range of colours available
  • Modern and classic varieties
  • Numerous shapes
  • Wide target population
  • Durable and high quality


Promotional alarm clocks differ from advertising classics. They are atypical promotional gifts that shine with exceptionality. Especially the newest models equipped with additional features so we can guarantee you that they convince. These verities are something special and show that your target group is worth more to you than the typical advertising gestures. Whether as part of a campaign, as a nice gesture of appreciation for motivated employees or as a gift for seasonal events, such as Easter or Christmas, alarm clocks can appeal to any of your target groups as promotional items. Befitting these occasions, we also stock suitable bags, pens, mugs and further desk accessories for you to consider!