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Personalised Special Clocks

To make sure your brand is remembered, it’s important to distinguish yourself from your competitors. This can be done by steering clear of the typically used promotional products such as mugs and pens, and distributing clocks instead! The unconventional choice, but one that has unique appeal and still a very practical item. How much easier and quicker would it be to view the time if you had a clock attached to your pen holder sitting on the desk? The ones available in our web shop also display what day of the week it is, as well as the temperature outside. All the information you need, easily at your disposal! A lot of these also have alarm functions, which can be useful for any number of occasions. These promotional clocks, customised with your business logo, will ensure customers view your logo every time they look at the time, which will be often throughout the day. Have a look through the allbranded web shop and order your promotional clocks today.

Benefits of Branded Clocks

  • A high use item, to organise our day we tend to check the time many times throughout the day
  • Practical - people will be very thankful for such a useful product
  • Multi-functional, a lot also have temperature and calendar display
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour preference, to having your corporate logo printed on the front

Potential Uses of Branded Clocks

For those that like to easily and quickly view the time, the clock is a needed and heavily relied on item. Rather than use the effort of raising ones arm, you can simply look across the room, or even at your desk, at the clock to see what time it is. The items here are more than just time tellers! They have multiple functions that can also display the day of the week and the temperature, making them multi-use. The more uses a promotional product has, the more reliant your clients will be on it, and the more brand impressions will be made. Giving out an item with such functionality and usefulness will make customers think positively about your brand. These clocks have both digital display and analogue, for whichever is easiest for you to read! Take advantage of the practical nature of these products by distributing them to your clients and business partners. We also recommend customised watches and promotional alarm clocks for further giveaways.

Choice of Clocks

There is huge amount of choice in this category, with styles to suit any business need. We have branded weather stations, which include a digital clock, the day of the week, the temperature, as well as LED weather symbols, which light up in accordance to how the temperature is outside! This will make it even easier to decide how to dress for the day. A lot of these also have alarm clock and snooze functions, which can be handy for those that need to wake up at a certain time, or in the office to time how long it takes to complete tasks. There are promotional classic style radio clocks, these have AM and FM radio, as well as a digitally displayed time, thermometer and alarm. For products with a really unique appeal, you can give out egg timers, this will encourage your clients to take up the rewarding hobby of cooking, a hobby that might even stay with them for life, all thanks to your personalised egg timers. Anyone would be thankful for such practical and multi-use items such as these.


Unlike the promotional mug or pen, these will make sure people remember your brand. This is a much more unusual choice, but unusual will get you noticed! They will remember you as the company that does things differently, and this will help turn them into repeat users of your products and services; creating loyalty. There are many occasions to give out these unique and practical items. As giveaways at events and exhibitions, your clients will be thrilled to have such a useful item on their nightstand, or on their desk at work. These can also be distributed to employees and business partners, who will be equally as delighted with such a practical, multi-use gift.


There are many opportunities to use these personalised products to your advantage. Once you have chosen the appropriate style and colour preference that most aligns with your brand, you can also personalise them further by having your corporate logo printed on the front. If you’re unsure of where to begin, or have any queries about the design process, then please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

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