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Clocks reveal just how often and how long we spend considering the time. If you think about the vast amount of time you sit at your desk, particularly at work or at times where we are waiting for any kind of appointment; it is at an incredible frequency. This means promotional clocks attract a lot of visual contact, no matter what target audience you may have. We rely heavily on these products and visually so; so why not double the visual functions by adding your very own corporate logo and see if you cannot raise your brand awareness to at least half the rate as your customers use it to tell the time? For more options check out our promotional products including keyrings, folders, mugs, pens, printed umbrellas, bespoke eco-friendly bags, lanyards, pencils, usb-sticks and watches.

The aesthetics of this promotional product also plays an important role; i.e. modern vs classic, home or workplace are all considerations you will want to make before choosing which variant you are going to go for. By considering your target audience as well as their designated use; be it for free giveaways or employee gifts- you will find a design that is compatible with your vision. Even more so as the colour coding, size and shape is completely left to your taste and vision. So find the right design that reflects your company image most accurately and get started!


Christiaan Huygens is accredited with inventing the first pendulum clock in 1656. Huygens was a dutch mathematician and scientist. He was also known to work as an astronomer, physicist, probabilist and horologist.

The pendulum clock uses a swinging weight for timekeeping (one swing lasting exactly one second), which was however highly affected by environmental disturbances.

These innovations led to the mechanical clock continued, with miniaturisation leading to domestic clocks in the 15th century, and personal watches in the 16th.

Over time mechanisms were invented to lower the distance of the swings as these made timekeeping increasingly inaccurate, built on by William Clement in 1680.


  • Inexpensive
  • Usable at home and at work
  • High practicality
  • Appeals frequent visual contact
  • Selectable colour, size and style
  • Universal accessory
  • Modern versions available


The beauty of the promotional clock is it finds place anywhere; it belongs in any room in any location. More than this, it is heavily relied upon due to its primary function of time-telling. Thus there is a reason why these are counted as classics among the marketing products. So reach out to your target audience today by purchasing our high quality promotional clocks and get your marketing campaign on the road. You will also find high-quality in our promotional keyrings, folders, mugs, pens, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, pencils, usb-sticks and customised watches.

You will find their uses and distributions within exhibition stalls, large scale events and free giveaways to customers. This way you will engage a large audience providing these with universally used items. Personalised clocks make unique and original giveaways which will ensure that your brand stays within your customers minds .You can, for example, give the advertising goods to the openings of law firms or offices. Your business partners will be delighted by the attentive gesture and you are already creating a positive link with your company at the beginning of a new company.


As aforementioned, personalised clocks invite a high frequency of visual contact, be that at home or at the workplace. The human reliance on these time-keeping devices are deeply ingrained and continue to do so which is why these make great promotional products, as do our range of keyrings, folders, mugs, pens, umbrellas, eco-friendly bags, lanyards, pencils, usb-sticks and promotional alarm clocks. Not to mention their universal use within most indoor environments means where is great space for adaptability, this is not just in regards to their function but their design as well.

Potential associations made with your customised wall clock is one of organisation, time-keeping and high practicality. How often do you watch the clock during a busy workday? When the stomach growls and the lunch break is still far away? Wall clocks as an advertising medium will be worthwhile for you in the long run. Since the link to your company is created with every look at the clock, an ever more solid, positive image of your company is gradually being created.

allbranded's promotional items can be individually printed by us in the UK or in the Far East and can be adapted to your ideas. Whether slogan, advertising name or company name, we ensure high-quality print on the wall clocks (as well as personalised mugs, pens, umbrellas and more desk accessories) and you can distribute great advertising gifts wherever you see fit.