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If you are looking to make an incredibly, kind and gentle gesture to promote your brand, then promotional bird tables may just be your best option. In addition to clearly being good for the environment and an all around caring present, your recipient will be left with similar impressions in relation to your overall brand and company. Consider just how often the product will be within the vision range of your customer and the long term effect it will have in terms of advertising purposes, particularly during the summer where you are far more likely to spend time in the garden.

Promotional marketing is all about innovation. This means finding ways to stand out in using unique and particular promotional products give way to not only appealing to your niche target audience but makes remembering your brand easier for customers by setting yourself apart. More so if your original products stand out from what your competitors may offer and the bird feeder will most certainly get you there.


The promotional bird table stands out with its unique aesthetics, use as well as the image it promotes. While its functionality has place in every garden, it is a rare promotional product that leaves way for you to really a make an impression! Every time you find a bird, squirrel or hedgehogs nibbling on seeds, mealworms or peanuts and finding a place on the tables when looking out to your backyard (where wildlife visitors will most likely increase), your customer will come face to face with your brand at an incredibly frequent rate. As will your range of promotional keyrings, mugs, lanyards, pens and promotional knives, available for your marketing campaign!

Our range of promotional DIY and gardening products includes foldable varieties, feeder and branded tweet bird houses, all completely customisable with your corporate logo and brand for an original take on marketing techniques. You will be part of the reason why the loss of natural habitats will not be an issue for the pro-active animal lover. A company branded bird house will most certainly be a conversation starter and an immediate interest in the business that invests in such products is sure to be the case.


  • Unique and memorable
  • Association with eco-friendly values
  • Appeals to eco-conscious target population
  • Durable and High quality
  • Come in a range of colours and sizes
  • Modern and classic varieties available
  • Compact and portable
  • Helps wildlife
  • Can stock various food including seed and mealworm
  • Garden accessory


These feeders will come in particularly handy when it comes to target audiences of the eco-conscious kind. This means vegetarians, vegans, environmentally minded people make up a great target population for this kind. None of these values will have to be verbally communicated if you choose to brand your corporate logo and perhaps a slogan on the bird table and make the product speak for itself whenever in use in your customer’s garden. A positive image is by far more likely to give way for customer loyalty and promotion of identifying with your business ethics.

If you are looking for more universal products with a highly open target population then check out our alternatives including promotional mugs, pens, keyrings, pencils, lanyards, bags and custom printed tools! Easily cleaned and stocked with seed for birds and other wildlife, these promotional feeders will have plenty of visual contact for you to build your brand on. So build your brand on eco-friendly fundamentals and find just how much your company can flourish!