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Plants are essential for the survival of humans; we would literally die without their existence! Besides providing oxygen, they are also very fashionable and used avidly by interior designers to inject life and colour into the home. Plants are also very useful as a promotional product because they are wonderful natural additions to the home and office. The herb garden available in this collection, containing chives, parsley and basil, will encourage your clients to explore cooking more. They will be thankful to you for helping them to develop a new hobby. We also stock ceramic pots for growing herbs and sunflowers, which you can write on in chalk to give them a more rustic and homely feel. The allbranded online store offers plants as promotional DIY and gardening products and you can customise them according to your business design. This is a more unique way to spread your promotional message, and you can be sure that it will get your brand remembered by customers. Give away promotional ornamental plants to your target group and show them your attention. Just order them at allbranded online!


  • The unique appeal of these items will ensure your brand is remembered
  • Trendy – plants are widely used to decorate the home
  • Engaging with your client’s creative pursuits will make them think well of your company
  • Your logo can be applied, to spread your marketing message


Herbs were predominantly used for medicinal purposes when they were first discovered, in the middle ages they were rubbed against the skin to mask odours, and also placed on meats to preserve them. Today, they are used for a variety of purposes but mainly for flavouring and garnishing foods. These can easily be grown in the garden, or in flower pots in the home. In the allbranded web shop, we stock promotional ceramic plant pots that come with seeds and soil, to allow the user to grow their own herbs. Customers and business clients will be pleasantly surprised to receive such a unique promotional product.


Be it the flowerpot on the balcony, or patches in an allotment, plants are an inherent part of our natural environment and have a huge significance to humanity. When one spends the entire day indoors they can become sheltered and claustrophobic, seeing plants in your everyday surroundings does wonders for lifting the spirit and reminding you of outdoors. Gardening is another hobby that could be taken up by your clients; all inspired by the promotional plant they received from you! By giving out these promotional gifts, you will be encouraging people to take up a rewarding hobby that could stay with them forever, enriching their lives. Every time they water these plants they will be faced with your branding, increasing recognition and awareness. For more DIY and gardening promotional products please see our a href="">custom printed tools and logo printed BBQ sets.


Plants are very creative and rare giveaways that you can use to set yourself apart from your competitors. While other companies are giving out printed mugs and pens, your brand will be remembered for these unique promotional items. By attaching your name to these plants people will associate environment and life with your company. Plants have become incredibly trendy in the last few years, they are used as decoration around the home to give the feeling of peace and tranquillity. Giving out these promotional products will show your business is relevant and up to date with current fashion. Keeping houseplants have been proven to purify the air, which in turn will improve the health in a number of ways.


Communicate your marketing message through these unique promotional tools, your clients will be thankful for such delightful additions to their home. These can be personalised by having your corporate logo or slogan printed on the front. This will ensure that every time someone waters their plant, they will be faced with your branding, increasing exposure for your business. Your clients, employees and business partners will associate you with this original and unique product.