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The importance of your own home, whether rented or bought, has an incredibly high value in our society, particularly in 2017, and not just based in the finance of it all. It is a place of comfort, safety and quite frankly; a personal sanctuary that leaves the stress of work at the door. This means investing in the home is never a silly spending, as it equates to your peace of mind. An on-going path of improvement is normal for house owners/renters to optimise one's place of comfort. This is a fact that allbranded is fully aware of and thus sees opportunity in for the more extravagant forms of promotional advertising.

The feel-good atmosphere should also be present with corresponding furniture as it is both the big and small that make up a comfort sport wherever it is located, and furniture most certainly holds a big role in making this work. allbranded offers you furniture to not only enhance your business look a well as feel, but even your home or exhibition rest stalls printed with your very corporate logo. Be it high-quality designer chairs, comfortable bean bag chairs, LED standing tables or mere soft toys for a delicate, decorative touch - these printed with your company logo or brand will make way for the ultimate eye-catcher and basis of your advertising success. Use the chance with your branded furniture to bring people to relax and to achieve sustainable effects of advertising.


The use of furniture as advertising goods brings several advantages for the advertiser. Unquestionably, many products of our furniture variety leave incredible room for advertising space. This makes such products incredibly effective forms of advertising tools in terms of visibility and long-term use. Our collection holds a vast range of promotional products including but not limited to logo printed lamps, promotional chairs & stools and beanbag chairs. We also stock smaller furnishings for softer decorate touches ranging from soft promotional toys to modern night light sensors. This makes way of an array of functions, completely customisable in both design and function while its promotional aspect will be unquestionable and effective. We even have promotional clocks available for you to try!


At allbranded we look to innovate the marketing industry with fresh ideas and introducing new products that other competitors may not have added to their collection. As long as we find products that tick the promotional boxes of high usability, visibility, quality and aesthetics; we innovate! This means you can jump on our highly original bandwagon and become part of the newest trends in marketing. So while allbranded stocks popular and universally used branded items, we always keep a lookout for unusual and original products on the same token, for niche companies or those who are willing to explore different pathways in the art of marketing.


  • High advertising space
  • Original promotional item
  • Association with innovation
  • High usability
  • High visibility
  • Durable and high quality
  • Range of colours and sizes available
  • Works at home as well as the workplace
  • Well suited for hospitality sector


Are you looking to open a bar or a lounge? Set stylish bean bags as the personalised lounger with your logo in which your guests can take a comfortable seat and relax after a long day's work. Our bean bag chairs are highly trendy and quirky; a trait you can modify, maximise or minimise to your liking depending on your company identity and the clientele you are looking to appeal to.

allbranded also has you covered for the outdoors! If you are setting for outdoor activities, events and occasions including festivals, you will be able to give an incredibly large population comfort in the style of your own brand. The shop of allbranded offers plenty of furniture for your individualised look to unleash your creativity. So bring comfort and a piece of home to outdoor events or corporate ones and represent without trying!