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Sitting on painful chairs have well been known to can cause tension as well as damage to the back and spine. We at allbranded offer you comfortable seat bags for relaxed sitting. These are often popularly used by children, but adults can also benefit from the comfort and relaxation these beanbags have to offer. Due to the high-quality processing, the bags fit to the body shape and are ideal as a promotional tool for your business. These make more unusual seats of choice at cafes and offices and will make people think of your business as fun and unique. These also make trendy promotional gifts for customers, who will appreciate such a practical and snug product in their home. These chairs have a large surface area for your branding, which makes them the ideal tools to spread your advertising message. You can find at allbranded beanbags in different shapes, sizes and colours that can be printed according to your wishes.

Our range of high quality ppromotional products offers quick leads times, affordable prices and excellent quaity prints! You can start with a unique, original and differt product such as these beanbag chairs or go for more all encompassing items such as logo printed lamps that will be noticed in almost any environment (like your customers home or your businesses office!). We even offer promotional chairs and printed stools should you want to order another product to go alongside your beanbags or wish to kit out all of your offices with comfortable promotional furniture!


  • A large target demographic, everyone will enjoy the comfort of these relaxing seats
  • High use item, you can be sure these seats will be used often, exposing clients to your brand
  • As unique and unusual seating in cafes, bars and festivals
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and preferred colour, to having your corporate message applied to the front


By distributing different and unique promotional products, customers will remember your brand and view it positively. These beanbags, personalised with your corporate logo, is sure to catch the eye of all surrounding people. Thanks to the excellent manufacturing of the product, it adapts to the body to provide the ultimate in comfort. These promotional beanbags will be particularly useful at beach clubs, office or bars as an attention-grabbing alternative to metal or wooden chairs. Printed with your company logo, and in your preference of colour, will leave a positive impression.


We stock beanbags in the shape of pandas and dogs, which would appeal to a younger demographic but can definitely be used by people of all ages! As well as animal designed chairs, we also stock plain seats that are available in several block colours. Due to its lightness, flexibility and portable nature, these make the ideal promotional giveaways, or seats for eating establishments. These promotional products are very robust and durable, in addition water resistant and light resistant. The zipper means that the outer shell can be easily removed and washed.


Beanbags are less of a classic giveaway and more of a popular, premium gift. Entrepreneurs who give their employees beanbags will be thankful for such comfort in their working and home life. The large surface area of these items allows your advertising message to be seen from far away, widening your marketing reach. At exhibitions, you could offer people to sit down at your stand in these comfortable, promotional seats. People are always more receptive to what you are saying when they are sitting in a cosy seat! These personalised furnishings will also stand out at stylish bars, cafes and open-air cinemas. There are many opportunities to use this merchandise to your marketing advantage.


Our beanbags are made from durable polyester, which retains its shape and is also water resistant. This will ensure that your promotional products are around for a long time to spread your advertising message. In our web shop you have the option to personalise these products to make them align with your brand. You can choose from a variety of colours, and you also have the option to have your corporate logo applied on the front of these items. Order your comfy, promotional beanbags today, and look forward to creating a sustainable advertising effect.