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Is Individuality considered a priority at your company? Do you want to impress your customers and business partners at all levels? Then you are in good hands with allbranded. We offer you a vast selection of promotional chairs and stools as to ensure that the personality of your company is conveyed in the best possible way. Widespread is the opinion that pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs and other giveaway promotional items are sufficient in order to remain in the memory of your target population, however what many disregard is the essential notion of comfort and rest chairs provide. This is not only in the office but also for breaks during trade fair stands, festivals and any other outdoor activities.

The speciality promotional chairs and branded chairs give way for is their automatic adaptability indoor as well as outdoors. This means their functions are not only versatile but allow for long-term use encouraged by their very adaptable nature. So whether you are in charge of bringing comfort to external events, rest spots or dining areas to addressing your very own place of business in order to promote yours from within and reach outwards. Promotional furniture in general can be used to grow your business and attract the attention of passers by and customers to your logo.


The earliest predecessors of the chair are from ecclesiastical origin but surprisingly served a different function altogether. Historically, chairs were a form of status symbol as even today we refer to people in position of powers as "chair" or "chairman", a factor that played a large role of the use in ancient Egypt. The 16th century saw the chair become commonplace for practical reasons. These were covered in cloth/leather and made from wood. China saw its first form in the 6th century while rarely used but became more common in the 12th century. In Europe, it was due to the Renaissance that the chair became an item of furniture from its previous form of status symboliser due to the dated idea of prestige in the first place. In the 1880s, chairs became common in American households.


Whether your company is involved with the sports industry or more in the area of tourism: we can offer you appropriate branded chairs and stools for every occasion. In the case of advertising gifts these leave a large impression with the generous amount of advertising space such products offer. Have your brand become a place of comfort, whether in the form of a hammock, stool or otherwise; yours will stand the test of time.

We particularly recommend our bora bora hammock due to its unique look and exotic feel. What brand would not want to be associated with a holiday feel of comfort and pleasure? allbranded makes this possible, not to mention the customisable options including colours and the branding of your corporate logo. Why not add your slogan due to the immense advertisement space these have to offer and add to your corporate identity?


  • High advertising space
  • Versatile functions (indoors and outdoors)
  • High visibility
  • Practical usage
  • Various colours, sizes and styles available
  • Open to all target audiences


We customise all chairs and stools, other promotional products and many more goods with your selected advertising slogans. Take advantage of the wide range of our online shops and inform yourself about our range of advertising products. We are sure that you will find many useful promotional items to gain your company the loyalty of customers to as well as maintain and reinforce them. We at allbranded know exactly what the customer needs to feel maximum comfort. Use the potential of the promotional value of chairs and stools as advertising articles to win over new customers! For more universal options, browse your collection of keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, lanyards and eco-friendly bags!


We have a wide range of other printed merchandise for you to explore! For example, our logo printed lamps or promotional beanbag chairs. Do not wait to order your products and benefit from fast lead times, affordable prices and our excellent customer service!