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Many advertising stands can seem bleak and unoriginal, something branded lamps will easily discourage. While customer acquisition is always a priority as is the maintenance of such, the use of creative flair is a must in an industry that is ever changing in nature. This means through the introduction of innovation and originality, you are far more likely to impress any potential customers and consumers than relying on old forms of advertisements. So that in the future you convince customers with a relaxed and modern trade fair stand, we offer you our promotional, high quality lamps.

While small in size these are not to be underestimated as they regardless give way for an ideal advertisement of your brand. No matter which colours you opt for (taking into consideration the colours used for your logo and potential contrast you want to create and avoid); we at allbranded offer all the promotional furniture you need to stand out from the otherwise bleak environments of far too many stands. So switch on the light and illuminate your brand through optimised marketing.


The invention of the modern forms we see today have to be traced back all the way to the first light bulb, which takes us back to the 1800s. Humphry Davy was an English scientist who experimented with electricity using the battery. He made use of wires and carbon to produce light but it was not until 1860 when Sir Joseph Wilson Swan decided to practicalise Davy's invention. Swan was invested in making the electric light last for a longer period of time and thus invented the electric lamp. Swan was the first to set on the journey of finding ways to make an already existing technology last longer; proven to take more than a decade to perfect by the building on of numerous scientists. Charles Francis Brush used the same materials to light a public square in the United States and this invention was soon used to illuminate buildings, streets and stores. Edison in 1879 found materials to last for over 1500 hours. Soon after, this became a household necessity, practicalised over the years through size, portability and aesthetics that are how the modern lamps came to be.


  • Original advertising products
  • Associated with an innovate brand
  • High use
  • High visibility
  • Quality and durable
  • Modern variety
  • Can be used on books/computers or desks
  • Range of colours and sizes
  • Portable and compact


With creative advertising products such as lamps, you can you easily attract attention due to their necessity in almost any spaces indoors. Our variety however is modern in nature, adjusted to suit the average millennial as opposed to old-school versions; we stock foldable (and therefore compact and portable) reading lights, night light sensors, plastic foldable desk lights, computer lamps and more!

By purchasing our branded lamps you indicate your understanding of the importance of modern presentation and a positive impression. Designed specifically to attract new customers for your business, it is vital to to have the first encounter with your brand be associated with quality, practical use and aesthetics. While our variety of lamps tick these boxes, so do our selection of promotional chairs & printed stools, pens, pencils, promotional beanbag chairs, mugs and eco-friendly bags. So illuminate your stand from the rest and attract customers with promotional products by allbranded.


Branded lamps make incredibly valuable promotional gifts and giveaways, be that at exhibitions or events. Allowing for these to be used as free incentives portrays your company as not only innovators but also a brand that takes into account modern necessities by making use of technology. These are unique in nature and will be sure to make an impression at any stand, booth or event you decide to distribute these.