When choosing what promotional product to hand out it can be difficult to set yourself apart from competitors. Although pens and t-shirts are popular options with good reason, it is the more unusual items that will get your brand noticed, but more importantly, remembered. Using innovative advertising mediums such as torches, will create intrigue and make people view your business in a different light – no pun intended! There is a lot of choice in logo printed lamps category, with styles and intended purposes to suit all marketing aims. There are flashlights with knife and plier attachments. This make them the ideal products to take away on camping trips because it means you won’t have to unnecessarily pack several different tools. Multi purpose tools make the best promotional product because the more uses it has, the more reliant your clients will be on it, and the more they will be exposed to your brand! Take a look through our web shop to find the right promotional flashlight for you.


  • High use items, these will be used regularly meaning repeat exposure to your business
  • Unique appeal, compared to the printed mug or pen, this will help clients to remember your brand
  • Multi-use items, there are many styles integrated with powerbanks, keyrings and bottle openers
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and preferred colour, to having your corporate logo printed on the front


To stand out from the crowd, it’s important to choose promotional products that are different to the ones your competitors are giving out. Although promotional pens and mugs are useful, they are what is expected, a great business goes above what is expected! Torches will be popular with your clients because they are useful, practical tools. Not just in an emergency power outage, but also when doing work outside at night, these personalised items will prove incredibly useful. With your marketing message printed across the front, your customers will be reminded of your brand every time they use these torches. In addition to promotional torches we also recommend promotional LED lamps. Use the marketing know-how of allbranded for success in your advertising campaign.


Customers and business partners will be thankful for these useful giveaways. Too many times, companies distribute promotional products that nobody can use and therefore they quickly go into the rubbish bin. By giving high quality, high use items such as these, you will ensure your brand is remembered. You will also stand out among other companies by using our promotional torches, since not a lot of businesses use valuable products in order to make their customers happy. In our web shop there are styles to suit everyone. There are the classic styles that have long handles with a circular end. There are also shorter versions, these compact items are much more convenient for travelling and can be attached easily to keyrings. There are torches with several LED bulbs, ensuring a strong light for the user. We also have promotional torches specifically designed for camping, with a handle attached to the top to make it easy to carry. There are also powerbanks that double as torches; this increased practicality will ensure customers use these products more often.


These promotional tools can be used in various events and exhibitions, which will you’re your booth a unique appeal. Customers walking past your booth will be drawn in by these torches and will view your business as one that does things a little differently! A refreshing change from all the other booths that will features classics like mugs and pens. These items will be even more eye catching if they are customised with your corporate design. We offer you high quality and elegant promotional products at a low price. We stand for diligent work – Your satisfaction is important to us! We help you to use successful merchandising for your campaign. Here you can find flashlights that can be used as key chains or offices supplies and are easily portable in any handbag. These can be used in difficult or dark situations, or at any point where you need a little light! Therefore, they help your customer and remind them of your business.


Customise torches in our online store and start your advertising campaign on fairs, congresses, and meetings, with mailings or as a direct marketing campaign on the streets. This promotional merchandise will make your clients take notice with their unique appeal, and will help them to remember your business. These can be customised by having your corporate logo printed onto the front turning them into your advertising ambassadors. Choose allbranded to produce your high quality, promotional torches today!

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