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Start your 2017 in the most organised sense possible by purchasing our range of calendars from allbranded and get your marketing campaign on the road! Work the memo; birthdays, family celebrations, medical and business appointments are difficult to remember for many people. For this reason, the branded calendar is the ideal advertising medium to keep track of such important dates and appointments. Allbranded brings order to life and ensures punctuality for any kind of meeting. Refined with your company logo, your schedules and calendars will allow for a real eye-catching effect, much like our collections of keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries, umbrellas and printed USB sticks.

Calendars printed with corporate logos are among the most popular products today and are given away by companies every year. The advertising effect is limitless as the large surface areas provided by these products are optimised by allbranded to promote your brand as best as possible. Custom printed desk calendar customised with your design means your memo (and therefore product) receives hundreds of visual contacts 365 days a year, let that year be 2017. The calendar is a product we rely upon and check every single day to give us an idea of what the day is going to look like and so there is no question in usability or its promotional use as both are guaranteed.


The calendar belongs to one of the top three of the most popular promotional products in the UK and this is not without reason. Other popular bestsellers include personalised keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries and usb-sticks. Placed in the office, next to your desktop, in the kitchen or attached to the refrigerator, decorate any room and provide for a stress-free life by introducing some organisation. The calendar is always in your field of vision whether on the desk or hanging on the wall, it is re-visited every single day and thus the user will be attentive to your advertising message. When choosing your preferred variant, you will choose from the different sizes, colours and designs in terms of what best suits your corporate identity and at the same time meets the requirements of your target group and we at allbranded are more than happy to advise you on these calendars, whether through the online chat, telephone or email!


  • Many target groups
  • Can be placed at home or the workplace
  • High practicality
  • High rate of visual contacts
  • One of the most popular promotional items
  • Excellent giveaways especially nearing the start of a New Year
  • High quality gift
  • Electronic variety available
  • Weather displays available


The various calendars at allbranded are designed using different finishing techniques, depending on the material and company priorities; i.e. whether you would prefer to add as much text (detail) or going for a far more visual effect. For calendars, we usually use digital printing in up to four colours to enable a vibrant, full-surface advertising application that corresponds exactly to your corporate design. Do note that some of our calendars can also be designed with an embossing for a more personalised design and a high-quality reminder of your company. For more customisable products check out our personalised logo printed stress balls, keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries, umbrellas and usb-sticks.


Would you like to present your employees with a New Year gift? As a desk calendar, next to your desktop, you meet your target population to a tee. The calendar strengthens the commitment of employees to your company with every glance. All types of calendars can be individualised in the allbranded shop so the design corresponds closely with your corporate brand. This connection strengthens the marketing effect for your business due to the clear identification of your unique brand by making use of our range of colours. Calendars fulfil a concrete role and are integrated directly into everyday life as much as your desk is, and with that, so will your brand! As calendars branded with your logo will usually remain in the possession of the same recipient for more than one year, these will thus generate long-term attention for your business.