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The promotional desk calendars are life changers at home and at work. Whether it is reading a book, having your dinner or getting some work done; your desk sees a lot of you and you see plenty of it, this quite likely hasn’t changed in 2017 either. So it only makes sense for you to make the most of our habits and the products we make use most of in the places we find ourselves most often. Our range of promotional calenders goes a long way simply because of the fact that they are a tool we make use of daily. Whether it is to prepare you for the day or coming week, knowing what the next few days are going to look like allow you some mind-space and a highly organised process.

Promotional desk calendars are excellent for the office worker. While wall-mounting calendars are great, the writing on such is awkward while our particular range are already in a place where you can neatly edit the content at anytime you want while sitting at your desk. You will find an extremely modern variety including our electronic versions which also update you on the weather and allow you to set alarms for an all-functional office accessory.

Our trendy calendar from allbranded provides a great opportunity to delight your customers with a small gesture. Please visit our online shop and find other great promotional products for your customers, business partners and employees. We would especially like to suggest our range of personalised keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries, umbrellas, folders and promotional bags. Our calendar is a simple but high-quality advertising product and is ideal as a giveaway at conferences and large-scale events. Have your promotion be branded into your target audience 365 days a year!


The first rudimentary calendar was drafted in the Stone Age, in Britain about 10,000 years ago. This was as the attempts of hunter-gatherers to predict when certain animals migrated from one area to another for survival purposes. More sophisticated versions were to follow.

The only way to measure time historically were by analysing the moon cycle. This of course led to the study of astrology, the basis and undercurrent of how we arrived to the modern calendar. In primitive times, the change of seasons were noticed as nature gave way to repeating cycles and while these were noted, Ancient Egypt was particularly adept in noting changes in the stars and as such; the lunar calendar was born.

The Romans introduced the Julian calendar that took into consideration more complexities of time, season and even leap years and thus was used for centuries. In the 1st century of the Mayans, of course target of many conspiracy theories found there to be 365 days in the year, divided into months and days, not quite in the proportion we use today.

From thereon out, with time, changes were introduced including corrections of its predecessors. Following these, the Gregorian calendar from a time period of 1582-1917 came to be (commissioned by the Pope Gregory XIII) and soon thereafter in the French Republican calendar devised in 1793 by a committee of the republican Convention in Paris.


Our promotional desk as well as wall calendars of allbranded are available in silver colour and can be delivered with engraved advertising or printed advertisement, by your request. Much like with promotional keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries, folders and printed USB sticks, do consider what you want your company to promote, what sort of colours are present in your logo as well as your general business look and what sort of target audience you have in mind while selecting not only your product but the assembly of any print or engraving. Our customised calendars however are a safe bet in promoting new customer leads due to their high practical use and incredible visible contact rate. These may very well be excellent advertising gifts to not only your current employees but friends and families also.


  • Longevity usage
  • Targets office workers and more
  • Easy to edit content
  • Range of colours and sizes available
  • Great advertisement space
  • Promotes organisation and links this to your brand
  • Universal use
  • Electronic and paper calendars available

      Allbranded is a more-than competent and reliable partner, when it comes to the use of promotional desk accessories as an advertising medium. The calendars of allbranded are ideal to promote your company - whether you choose to use these promotional products as giveaways at fairs, conferences or events; their adaptability is incredibly flexible depending on how you are willing to use these. For a greater range of accessories that make just as great marketing tools, do check out the allbranded keyrings, pens, mugs, diaries, umbrellas, folders and bags.

      In addition our calendar are wonderful as 2017 giveaways, because often they serve not only the recipient, but also his family or his colleagues. The calendars of allbranded are meant for the long-term, which means they inspire not only this year, but for many more. Consequently these advertising tools mean a timeless companion in everyday business life as well as home life. The calendar has been adapted to fit the desk and brighten it up with your corporate logo and see just how much a calendar can attract attention with the branding our company provides!