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The society we live is and will continue to be overtaken by digital technology then the regular writing at your desk. While this is true, we still receive vast information through the letterbox. Whether this is communication with businesses (banks, charities, government) or more personal senders, an opener comes in very handy. This means letters are still very much relevant, we just do not notice the fact, as are our varieties of promotional products such as keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, bags, umbrellas, wallets, folders, clocks and printed USB sticks . How often were you plagued by paper cuts or ripped the envelope to shreds trying to open it neatly with pens perhaps? We at allbranded equip you with promotional letter accessories such as the opener to make the whole process a lot easier; use our letter openers and do not spend another minute trying to avoid damaging the content of the envelope.

Forms of communication have drastically changed in the past two decades and the classics style of writing for personal purposes have become a less common occurrence. While emails are excellent for the workspace at your desk; it represents little for the valued connection we have with people in our personal lives. We all look for a little sentiment in small actions and there are holders of sentiment; easily achieved by taking some time out of your day to write a personalised letter to the people dearest to you. Show someone you care with a handwritten letter and give our openers some use that reaches further than professional letters.


It was the need for passing information from one location to another that gave rise to letter writing. The delivery was initially through a sole messenger that of course made the likelihood of it reaching its recipient far less likely due to the possibilities of mortal dangers. There was no system in place to assure its successful delivery making it a less common practice (mostly used by kings and emperors) and not at all accessible to the common man.

The Persian Empire was the first to develop a relay system to cover a maximum of 100 miles a day using an exchange of horses. Greeks in contrast turned to runners of high speed and stamina while the Arab world made use of pigeons. Julius Caesar had perhaps adopted the most sophisticated format of his time by creating stopping points for messengers to rest as well as change transport. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the mail network was no longer and communication throughout Europe hit an all-time-low.

It was the printing press that revived this; the rise of literacy and therefore books (and writing accessories such as pens) brought letters to the limelight. As a consumer demand and in 1860, the post office was invented and with that; letter writing accessories with openers at its forefront.


Letter accessories such as openers represent two things; classic communication, practicality (openers) and emotional connection. Promotional letter accessories make unique and classic-looking giveaways that will stand out for its use. Why not mix these with any of our promotional products such as keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, bags, umbrellas, folders, clocks and usb-sticks for a great variety and effect?

Whether you open a booth at the city centre or a large event; letter accessories are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and will surely encourage your customers, business partners and employees to see the value in letter writing. Its use, no doubt, allows for plenty of room to promote your corporate brand for the long term with the subtlest forms of marketing.


  • Classic tool/accessory
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Practical use
  • Encourages more personal forms of communication (innovative)
  • Unique giveaways
  • Range of colours available
  • Low cost
  • Numerous varieties of openers
  • Works well as a gift bag (mugs and pens)


A written letter enriches someone’s day with ease. Why? Because you know that it took more time and effort than an email would have done in comparison. By opting for the more time-consuming form of communication, it prioritises emotion. Time and attention is the highest form of courtesy and this is neatly presented with a personalised letter and therefore by extension; the gift of a branded letter opener. Make a pen-pal out of the friends who have moved away and uncover its subtle value.

The association your customers will make reflect the emotions while writing valuable and sentimental letters and thus your company acts as both an enabler of this as well as raise brand awareness. Consider how much time you may spend writing a page long letter with our range of customised pens; all the while making use of these promotional desk itemsconsistently and frequently. If your customers have a regular pen pal (and will most likely receive letters) the visual contact is unlimited and so is the effectiveness of your brand. If you are looking to expand your brand even more, why not personalise our selection of logo printed stress balls, pens, pencils, mugs, bags, umbrellas, flasks, wallets, lanyards, folders, clocks and usb-sticks