Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

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Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Personalised MAGNETS

We at allbranded recognise the potential of branded magnets and just what great advertising accessories these products make. Browse through our promotional products online shop and discover new opportunities with magnets coming in different colours, shapes and sizes. This allows you to adapt them quickly, easily and comfortably according to your individual wishes. Magnets will be printed with your logo and your message, and is ideally suited for a large target group.

Our range of branded magnets allow for constant exposure; how many times do you walk past your fridge, let alone open it? The promotional magnets will constantly fall within your eyesight and will make sure to be remembered for the long term. Why not maximise visual contact by purchasing our range of promotional printed USB sticks , pens, pencils, mugs, bags (including eco-friendly varieties), umbrellas, folders and lanyards and optimise brand awareness to its fullest? So whether you choose to use these magnets as accessories to promote your brand or to hold up your memos securely on the fridge; these are up for grabs!


The discovery of the natural mineral ‘magnetite’ is accredited to a Cretan shepherd, by the name of Magnes in Ancient Greece. It was when he found the nails in his shoes being stuck to a rock that he investigated further, digging up the earth and found lodestones which contained magnetite. Due to its strong faith-based population, the discovery was commonly associated with superstition, a belief that was tackled by Peregrinus & Gilbert Peter Peregrinus in 1269. William Gilbert then realised that the earth acted as a giant magnet and how to create magnets through iron in the 1600s. The link between magnets and electricity was discovered in 1820 by Hans Oersted using a wire carrying electric current to deflect a magnetic compass.


  • Different shapes available
  • Vary in Size
  • Palette of colours to choose from
  • Numerous functions; name badge/ page marker/ holder etc
  • Practical use
  • Excellent giveaway accessories
  • Great in combination with other products in gift bags
  • Efficient in generating visual contact
  • Low cost
  • High visibility (i.e. on fridge)


Branded magnets from allbranded can be designed to make attractive promotional products and are a sure way to please your target group. Carry your marketing message on these practical promoters and always be part of the conversation with employees, customers and business partners. For more variety, check out our promotional logo printed stress balls ,keyrings, pens, pencils, mugs, bags (including eco-friendly varieties), umbrellas, folders and coasters.


allbranded will be happy to help you with the design of these promotional tools for your marketing campaign. Take advantage of becoming and remaining a positive memory for your target group in the form of value-generating advertising gifts. Magnets offer excellent advertising space in proportion to its general size and are highly versatile in designs. Be it as a note holder on the refrigerator or a magnetic panel on the desk. With promotional desk items you will attract the attention of your target group in multiple times a day.

Whether it is to attach a memo to your magnets from a shopping list on the fridge or simply as an aesthetically pleasing artifact sitting neatly at your desk. If you are looking to further accessorise your work station, check out our pens, bags keyrings and mugs and find just how magnetic your brand can be! After all, it is widely acknowledged that using promotional products allows you to be present in your customers minds at all times!

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