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Analysing hundreds of pages can not only tire your eyes but also your mental stamina. Mix this with general fatigue and the repetitive nature and you will most certainly struggle to get the job done. So sure, you could go ahead and squint your eyes for hours on end when met with tiny, almost indecipherable text but why make it so difficult on yourself? We at allbranded can make this a non-issue; give your customers a promotional gift by browsing through our magnifying glasses, whether equipped with magnets or a stand fixed model for your desk. Our shop also ensures the printing of various texts and designs so why not customise these and any other of our popular accessories including pens, mugs, eco-friendly bags, umbrellas, printed USB sticks , shirts and powerbanks?


The magnifying glass comes from a vast range of optical tools which include microscopes and spectacles; all linked closely in the mechanisms necessary.

While Egyptians used crystal to view small objects in greater clarity, it was Romans who experimented with magnifying glasses.

Amati was credited with the invention of the spectacle in 1280 in Florence although factually questionable.

The first magnifier designed for scientific purposes was designed by Roger Bacon (a philosopher and lecturer in Oxford University)in the 13th century. He explored principles of reflection and refraction.

In the 16th century we saw the prototypes of microscopes come to being and is one of the most ancient discoveries in relation to the eye. The idea of holding a lens a certain distance from the eye in order to produce a magnified image was well developed and began to manifest itself in optical instruments; glasses.


  • Vintage desk accessories
  • Practical value
  • Unique promotional product
  • Target population includes 40+
  • Attracts collectors
  • Different sizes, shapes and colours
  • Range of magnifying effects


Our allbranded Online Shop offers you selections of not only promotional products such as printed magnifiers, reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes but also a wide range of colours, shapes and magnification effects to choose from. You can order lenses that can be placed on desks as an aesthetically pleasing accessory, or those which are both both compact and portable such as the keychain, thanks to their small size to fit in every bag. We even have custom printed magnifying glasses in rulers! We provide high quality print technology so your company logo is easily recognisable on your desired promotional products including promotional rulers ,pens, mugs, eco-friendly-bags, keyrings, umbrellas, usb-sticks, lanyards and shirts.


The number of times we are confronted by extremely small print is constant. Whether it is the instruction manual for new medication, the text at the bottom of a letter or the label of a grocery product.

Why not approach your opticians to see if they can distribute your promotional desk products ? Being especially targeted towards the older target population you will be able to reach a less accessible group by presenting them with a product with practical and aesthetic use which ultimately bags you plenty of visual contact. The customer now has a clear view of your brand and knows to keep your company in mind. We provide outstanding printing on your accessories while you decide whether your slogan, company name or logo will be branded on the products.