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Far too much time is wasted searching for notepads and pens, because they are not where they are supposed to be. By using carry cases, the user saves time and effort, and always knows where these items are. The portable nature of these also makes it easy for the user to carry these items around with them so they are always to hand. In the allbranded web shop you will find many styles, suitable for carrying a broad range of writing utensils on the go. These include fabric cases, plastic pen containers, gift boxes and wallets made from synthetic leather. The use of these promotional cases also helps to prevent ink from staining the inside of bags and suitcases, which your clients will surely be thankful for. All of the styles here can be personalised by having your corporate logo printed on the front, to help spread your advertising campaign far and wide. Help your customers achieve order in their life by giving them printed storage products. These simple yet effective storage solutions will make hours of searching for writing tools and business cards a thing of the past!



  • Everyone carries pens and other writing utensils around, these cases will help prevent ink from staining bags and suitcases
  • These are so practical that they can be used for any target demographic
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing your style and colour to having your promotional design printed on the front
  • Great stand alone products or as part of gift bags, these can include our ballpens and notebooks.


Practical items make the best promotional products, because it ensures that your products will be used daily and therefore create many brand impressions. These are so practical that they can be given to any demographic, but will be particularly beneficial to office workers and students. The usefulness and versatility of these items means that you can hand them out to anyone. As high use items, just like our promotional notebooks or super convenient printed lunch boxes, your clients will be faced with your branding every time they need to write something down and reach for this case. The in this category also make thoughtful, personalised gifts, especially when given with a premium pen. These would make ideal thank you for business partners and hardworking colleagues.


There is so much choice in this category that there is sure to be a carry case to suit your business needs. We stock promotional pencil cases made from durable nylon, this has a zipper closure and would be ideal for students as well as office workers or designers. There is also a more premium leather case from the Charles Dickens range, this would go well with some of our Charles Dickens pens, or a similar premium pen from Parker, all available in the allbranded web shop. We also stock transparent, plastic tubes designed to hold just one writing utensil, this makes a more unique carry case and are ideal for those that prefer to carry just one writing tool with them. Have your branding applied to ensure endless brand impressions throughout your products life cycle.


With these promotional items you are sure to create in your customers a sense of gratitude when they are searching for something to write with. The distribution of cases is especially useful at exhibitions and conventions. Present your promotional giveaways to the people and gain positive recognition for your thoughtful gesture. You can also use cases as tools for packing your own promotional gifts, such as ballpens or notepads, having two personalised items in one will double your chances of making many brand impressions. There are many styles and brands of ballpoints in the allbranded web shop that would pair nicely with these cases. There are BIC pens, highlighters, ballpens and eco-friendly pens too. These practical storage cases will help your customers to stay organised and never have to search for a pen ever again!


The online shop from allbranded provides you with a digital printing process that ensures that your advertising article is original and personally designed. Once you have chosen your preferred style and colour, we can print your company name, address or a logo onto these cases. Branding will help make these products your marketing ambassadors. If you have any questions about the design process or any other queries, then please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

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